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blue charizard
17th January 2010, 1:23 AM

2 Spritomb(AR)
1 Farfetch'd (SF)
4-3 Octillery (Pt)
2-1-2-1 Rhyperior X (SV-DP-SV/DP-LA)


4 Bebe's Search
2 Roseanne's Research
2 Volkner's Philosophy
1 Felicity's Drawing
2 Poke Radar
1 Warp Point
1 Dusk Ball
3 Night Maintenance
2 Rare Candy


3 Water Energy
1 Call Energy
20 Fighting Energy

Well, I'm guessing this list looks really crazy at first, but it works for me. Well, there are 2 people who I play with, with other Semi-Competative decks, and my deck is often the winning one. However, I want to make this deck a viable one for states.

First off, I'm on a budget-don't tell me to JUST add claydol-I'll do it as soon as I aquire one.

The goal of my deck is to get Rhyperior X out and being able to do around 200 for no energy every turn. Octillery is there as a secondary attacker, used while I"m charging up Rhyperior.

My Starters are Spiritomb & Farfetch'd. Spiritomb is the prefered one, with it's great body and the ability to evolve my benched pokemon. Farfetch'd can pull out any T/S/St in my deck, which is a great attack for 1 energy.

I get more damage output from Octillery and Rhyperior X be using cards like Rosesanne's, Dusk Ball, Bebe's, and Night Maintenance. I take every pokemon out of the deck, while placing energies into the deck or into the discard pile, which can be later retrieved by Rhyperior X's second attack.

So...What do I need to improve (along with claydol) to make this a more competitive deck?

17th January 2010, 10:37 AM
I know someone else that has a deck like this so I can give some pretty good recomandations.
First thing: Using less energy and more draw cards and then cards like Cynthia's Feelings/Prof Rowan to make it easier to get the cards you want and still let you have mostly energy in your deck. So this is what I would remove and add.

- 2 Volkner's Philosophy
- 1 Felicity's Drawing
- 1 Dusk Ball
- 7 Fighting Energy

+ 3 Cynthia's Feelings/Prof Rowan
+ 4 Victory Medal (Or Pokedrawer+ if you can't get the VM's)
+ 3 Pokedex Handy910is
+ 1 Luxery Ball