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17th January 2010, 9:53 AM

I'm restarting the Death Note Fan Club.
The old one died:

No bumping threads that are past it's prime (dead for 30+ days).

If anyone wants to remake the thread, you're more than welcome to.
So I'm remaking the thread.
In order to join, just post and answer these questions:
#1 What major character did you support through out the series?
#2 What do you think was the best or most memorable plan planned in the series? Mark Spoilers as needed.
Though not required, try to think of a question for the next member to answer, so as to promote conversation and to make things less stagnant.
I'll start:
#1 I was supporting L throughout because he was my favorite character and was delightfully eccentric. Most of his moves in the series were more unpredictable due to his eccentric nature.
#2 I thought the system Light developed to see if anyone came to his room was brilliant. The door handle position, the pencil lead, good stuff all of it.
My question for the next member: Did you watch the movie adaption of Death Note and what did you think?

8th February 2010, 5:03 PM
Can I join? I'm a huge fan of Death Note! I just recently got the live action Death Note movie: The last name! Light, L, Misa, Near, Ryuk, their all awesome! Plus I've got Ryuk's apple dance in my sig!