View Full Version : O hai there~! :3

31st January 2010, 6:05 PM
Hey everyone!, I'm new to these forums.. soooooo, yeah xD

You may call me doom, or doomsayer, or.. whatever you'd think is another fawesome nickname :P

My favorite pokemon is houndoom, of course :3
I also love to sprite things, and make banners etc..

Does anyone know the forum to make stuff like that for other people?
(Like what I made in my signature)
I found it, but then I can't find it again x.x
And I don't want to mess up, and post in the wrong place :/

Anyways, I hope I'll get to meet some new people and friends on here, and to have fun. ~ :3

~;229; Doomsayer

31st January 2010, 6:39 PM
Nice to meet you as well, I'm new here too.

I like Houndoom, but Arcanine is a little...hotter, flame wise that is. He's got this Lion's Mane and feral stripes and his bark is just, the cutest thing. Houndoom to me...is an anatomically different version of already anatomically twisted Moltres. Or maybe I just dream too much.

31st January 2010, 7:07 PM
Houmdoon is an alright pokémon. Why, whenever I play Platinum, whenever I never get Chimchar as my starter, I'd usually catch a Houndour and train it into a Houndoom :).

Welcome aboard the website!! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make lot's of nice friends as well. And don't worry. That thing you can't find now will show up soon :)