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3rd February 2010, 7:23 PM
This is my favourite deck that i've made and has won me lots of prizes at my league. I've slowly changed it as i've played and i have also written a decklist using T-tar in combination with Electivire FB LvX.

This is my deck at the moment and i would appreciate any comments that could be given about it.


Tyranitar SF x3 The main card in the deck. I can build up Dark energy on it so it can OHKO practically any Pokémon with Grind or sweep the bench with Spinning Tail. Darkness Drive puts them opponent off using Powers.
Pupitar SF x1 I have one of these in case i can't use Rare Candy. Energy Protection helps it survive until its a T-tar.
Larvitar SF x3 The best Larvitar available.
Darkrai LvX Promo x1 Dark Shadow makes all Dark energy special so Grind becomes 30x rather than 20x - a huge difference. I can also potentially KO the opponent with the special boosts whilst sweeping the bench with Spinning Tail. Darkrai is also a last resort attacker with the deadly Endless Darkness attack.
Darkrai GE x1 Disruptive attacks, best Darkrai available.
Weavile SW x2 I can use Shadow Charge for free which instantly searches out 2 Dark energys to load up T-tar quickly. Dark Engage lets me retreat Claydol for free if it ends up active for some reason. (Via Moonlight Stadium)
Sneasel DP x2 Best Sneasel available.
Rotom MD x1 A reverse version of Weavile, picking up energys from the discars pile to attach to T-tar for late-game emergencies.
Sableye SF x4 My ideal starter. Overeager lets me go first to get an energy lead and Impersonate lets me search out any Pokémon i need so i can set up quickly. Overconfident has donking chance especially with special Dark energy.
Claydol GE x1 My draw engine.
Baltoy GE x1 Best Baltoy available.
Nidoqueen RR x1 Provides healing allowing T-tar to tank for longer.
Nidoran(f) RR x1 Best Nidoran(f) available.
Azelf LA x1 Time Walk lets me pick up any key cards that may have gone down as prizes.


Rare Candy x4 Quick level up to T-tar and Nidoqueen.
Luxury Ball x1 Just plain good search power.
Warp Point x1 Disruptive, and let's me move high retreat cost T-tar when i don't have Moonlight Stadium.
Level Max x1 Instant Darkrai LvX.
Roseanne's Research x4 Set up basics and draw out energies.
Bebe's Search x4 Search out any other Pokémon i need.
Felicity's Drawing x1 Extra draw power and discards Dark energys i can pick up with Darkness Drive.
Team Galactic's Wager x1 Disrupt the opponent when i'm set up, Cosmic Power allows me to recover if it goes wrong.
Moonlight Stadium x1 Free retreat for my Dark Pokémon.


Dark Energy x16 This deck is very energy hungry.
Special Dark Energy x4 For that extra boost.

Significant previously used cards:

Togekiss GE Potentially builds up a complete T-tar in one turn.
Uxie LA Draw power.