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5th February 2010, 12:45 AM
Another newbie spamming your forums? Oh noes?

No worries, guys. I've been around these kinds of forums for a long time, so I know what it's like here ^^

Well, let's see...A little bit about myself to why I've joined this forum? Well, I've been a Pokémon fan since its release. I didn't exactly see the first episode, but it was...3 episodes down the line when I really saw it for the first time? Anyways...So yeah, I've been a fan since then. Remember watching it for the first time when I was living in England, then I pursued the cards, then the little toys...Yeah XD I got in to it :3

Saw...MOST of the movies, I suppose...The first, second, third, never saw the one for Jirachi, Celebi, but...anything up to Dialga/Palkia, Arceus, and...that new Mew movie...Anything in between those I've never really seen...Can't keep up, they keep making one every year 'r so XD

I did collect the Pokémon cards, but I've stopped since...a VERY long time ago. I have a few of the original 151, and some of the new 230, but I don't have really much anything after 3rd generation, let alone 2nd.

I did own a LOT of the Pokémon games, but sadly, most of them are gone, due to moving...Yeah, it...happens a lot. But I DIIID own:

Silver <3
Gold (brother's, actually)
Sapphire (Got it as a birthday present, when my mom didn't know I had ruby XD )
Fire Red
Platinum (got it this Chrismas)

I DO want to get Soul Silver, 'cause Silver version was my favorite game ^^

What else...I'm...honestly not a huge fan of the 4th generation Pokémon, BUT...I did get the game, 'cause I wanted to learn more about the newer Pokémon. It's...taking me a while XD 'cause they've added so much more to the Pokémon games now. It's no longer "use a move that's super effective on it", it's looking at your Pokémon's stats, and figuring out which attack is better for it...and all the rest of that huey along the line.

The evolutions, hate me if you want...I DESPISE most of them...I don't like Magmar's evolution, nor Electabuzz, Sneasel, Rhydon, Magneton, and a whole butt-load further down. Most of those that weren't supposed to evolve should have STAYED that way XDDD Really, that's MY opinion.

I'm more of the 1st-gen Pokémon, 'cause they were easy to remember, and they seem...more interesting than the newer ones XD Uhm...My favorite types of Pokémon? Fire, Dragon, Flying/Bird, and Ice ^^ My favorite Pokémon? It'll ALWAYS be Charizard <3

Let's see...Anything else?...Well, I'll say that Serebii.net has been an EXCELLENT resource for me while I play Pokémon Platinum ^^ It helps me with identifying the newer types of Pokémon, the new moves included, and just...overall weaknesses, items, anything that I need help with XD So you can bet that Serebii.net is my #1 resource for helping me with the dilemmas I face when it comes to Pokémon Platinum ^^

Don't think there's anything else for me to spam on to this...XDD So for now, I bid you all adeu, and hope that I can find some fun out of this here forum x3