View Full Version : I am a Newbie!

6th February 2010, 8:58 PM
Hey everyone!

I didn't think there was an introduction area, guess I was wrong.
Well, I'm a big Pokemon fan, sort of. I just like to play the games, lolz. I actually was not planning on buying HG/SS, but then I decided to check Serebii for some info about the game and well now I want to play it super badly, haha.

I also have a question. Why on earth is Serebii so slow?! It took me a long time to open up this thread. If this continues, I won't want to come back...

6th February 2010, 9:08 PM
Welcome to the forums Newbie. I hope that you'll have a great time here, and that you'll get lots of friends.

And the forum is very slow sometimes because of the huge amount of members that is online at the same time. But it doesn't happen too often that the server chrashes (to me, at least).

Anyway, if you ever need help with something, you can always PM or VM me.