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7th February 2010, 5:06 AM
Hi! I was ev training my marshtomp for hp, killing bidoofs, when all of a sudden, i accidently killed a kricketot! T.T Here's what his ev's were before i accidently killed
Attack: 4
Defence: 254
Hp: 110
i was using the power item that helps with hp, and i had pokerus. What happens now? What do i do?
*note, i was aiming for 4 attack, 254 defence, and 252 hp* Help!! what now?

7th February 2010, 6:48 AM
In general, people are going to ignore you when you post in the wrong place, as you did here. Not trying to be a minimod, but it clearly says this isn't a game help forum.

You now have 255 EVs in def, 255 is the max you can have in any stat. That being said, anything over 252 has the same effect as 252, so having 254 didn't help you and just wasted EVs.

Just keep going after those bidoofs, you won't have perfect stats, but no one ever does, so it's ok.

7th February 2010, 7:07 AM
As said, this isn't a game help forum. Post in the right place and maybe you'll get an answer.