View Full Version : Water/lightening.. First one in AWHILE! [mod]

Kenji Himura
10th February 2010, 7:13 AM
Alright, so this is the first deck I've made in easily 5 years. Feel free to call foul on it as I'm a bit rusty on rules, also if it makes any difference it's to be a POP deck and therefore all cards should be legal.. If not, feel free to inform me of what sets ARE in fact legal still. All of this was made with using DP and forward sets..

Here we go:

Water x11
Lightening x11

Pikachu [Magestic Dawn, 70/100] x1
Pikachu [Mysterious Treasures, 94/123] x1
Pichu [Mysterious Treasures, 93/123] x1
Electrike [Magestic Dawn, 64/100] x2
Manectric [Magestic Dawn, 40/100] x1
Jolteon [Magestic Dawn, 23/100] x1
Electabuzz [Diamond&Pearl, 81/130] x1
Pachirisu [Diamond&Pearl, 35/130] x1
Hoothoot [Diamond&Pearl, 83/130] x1
Starly [Magestic Dawn, 75/100] x1
Staravia [Diamond&Pearl, 64/130] x1
Eevee [Magestic Dawn, 63/100] x4
Chansey [Mysterous Treasures, 76/123] x1
Glaceon [Magestic Dawn, 20/100] x1
Piplup [Magestic Dawn, 71/100] x4
Prinplup [Diamond&Pearl, 58/130] x1
Prinplup [Magestic Dawn, 44/100] x2
Empoleon [Magestic Dawn, 17/100] x1
Remoraid [Mysterious Treasures, 95/123] x1
Seel [Mysterious Treasures, 97/123] x1
Shellos [Magestic Dawn, 73/100] x2
Finneon [Mysterious Treasures, 83/123] x1

Dusk Ball [Magestic Dawn, 80/100] x1
Quick Ball [Magestic Dawn, 86/100] x1
Potion [Secret Wonders, 127/132] x2
Energy Search [Magestic Dawn, 90/100] x1

Team Galactic's Way [Mysterious Treasures, 115/123] x1
Mom's Kindness [Magestic Dawn, 83/100] x1

Thank you!!