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11th February 2010, 5:34 AM
Hey all, Lucrei91 here. I'm a long time Pokemon fan and Serebii forum lurker, who finally decided that with the imminent release of Heart Gold/Soul Silver, signing up would probably be a good move. Oh what's that? Which am I getting, and what starter shall I use? Well, let me answer that the easy way...

Heart Gold

I’ll start off with a little introduction about myself. My name's Scott, I'm an Australian who recently came of age (18), back in November 2009. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, spending time with my girlfriend, playing video games, watching films, reading up about history, playing my guitar (electric), reading, and writing my own short stories (they're not very good, but hey, practice makes perfect right?) I'm also an avid fan of music, my favourite genres being a variety of metal, rock and classical. However my tastes are not limited to just these. I recently rediscovered "(On the Road to) Viridian City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN4R7DqSk30)" (you know you want to click it) - it always gets me pumped and gives me 90s nostalgia infused rushes. I do miss the 90s.

We're on the road to Viridian City!

A little about my education: I completed my VCE studies (Victorian Certificate of Education), studying Literature, German (I speak it pretty decently if you want to converse with me - no promises though), Legal Studies, Religion in Society, Further Mathematics and History (French and Russian Revolutions), earning a respectable ENTER score of 88.25. I applied for tertiary education, in the form of an Arts Degree, at a variety of Universities, just missing out on Melbourne, which required an ENTER of 89. However, I'm about to being my formal tertiary education (1st March) at my second preference, Monash University. My first year units are Reading/Writing Literature (a pathway to Creative Writing), Psychology, Japanese and Biology. I'm quite excited and how outfitted my DS with DSOrganize, to make sure I have a planned schedule and remember all the important events that will soon transpire.

In regards to Pokemon, I love discussing my favourites and speculating about future titles, but currently I'm very eager to break into the UU (Under Used) tier of Competitive Battling. If there's someplace here where I could learn the ropes, I'd appreciate if if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Sorry that this has been rather lengthy, but hey it beats a generic "Hey! I'm new" post and maybe provided some light entertainment for those of you who grudgingly read through it all.

On a final note if you wish to contact me and become friends please do so. You can naturally contact me here on Serebii (via PM, Visitor Messages etc) or if you have MSN, feel free to add my address which is: yuuzhan-vong@hotmail.com

Thanks! Hope to see you around =)

11th February 2010, 6:26 AM
Hey, welcome! :D Quite nice seeing another Victorian member.

I read it all, and seems like you have quite a fair bit going on. Hope you go well with uni.

11th February 2010, 7:44 AM
[o.o] Alot of Information!

Welcome to the forum!

11th February 2010, 7:49 AM
hi welcome to the forums

follow the rules and have fun nice to meet you.

11th February 2010, 10:51 AM
Picnics are fun

Sweet Pinpuku
11th February 2010, 1:15 PM
^.^ that was really nice to read ^.^

Congrats on an original title - I have to admit, I was a wee bit worried by it and clicked on it thinking it was just another silly adbot or something (no offense) and then realised it was a welcome thread. Even then, I thought it would be a very simple and generic one like most others are, but you actually made a good effort so congrats again ^.^ as you said yourself, it's great to have something other than a generic welcome post, I mean, with those all you'll get back will be generic responses - you've put in good effort to really say something about yourself and give people the opportunity to engage in conversation with you ^.^

I can't say much on competitive battling as I've never really understood what it actually means (I mostly just play the games with my partner). However, with regards to short stories, I lurk about the fanfic sections from time to time (currently trying out non-Pokémon ideas) so if you ever post anything, whether it be a short story or something more lengthy, just give me a holler and I'd happily take a look ^.^ be warned though, I don't go easy on people x

All-in-all, let's finish this off with a classic generic response, just for irony - hi and welcome, I hope you have a great time here and remember to read and follow the rules x

EDIT ~ wow, this looked like such a longer response in the little reply box than it does when actually posted XD made it longer now though *cheated*