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Green Blockhead
11th February 2010, 7:24 PM
Hello! I am new to the forums following my interest in Pokemon Emerald. I have liked Pokemon for years and I also like Godzilla. As you can see in my name, I like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends as well.

Because I own a Game Boy Advanced, I own Emerald because it is the last and latest game on GBA. Here is my list of Pokemon I have caught so far.
They all have nicknames and are named after the Godzilla monsters:

Godzilla - Sceptile
Gorosaurus - Kelcleon
Mothra - Beautifly
Battra - Ninjask
Baragon - Zigzagoon
King Caesear - Mightyena
Ebirah - Corphish
Rodan - Wingull
Jet Jaguar - Abra

Favourite Pokemon - Sceptile

When I have loads of money, I usally go to the Pokemart and buy lots of Pokeballs. I buy other stuff too, I like to buy stuff until I don't have enough money for anything :P

I promise to have fun and have read the forum rules.

Shiny hunter Reece
11th February 2010, 7:34 PM
Welcome to the forums and have fun!

Yes, you should read the rules. Mods here have been known to pick favourites with members, and first impressions are important here.