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12th February 2010, 4:01 AM
The title goes for both this thread and the thread in question. Since this is both the Help and Newbie Lounge, I assume this is the proper place to post questions, and I have searched the forums and the FAQ before asking, so please don't assume that I just chose to post here without trying to figure it out first.

So, moving on to the subject, I have a question regarding where to post something, or if I'm even allowed to. I've been planning on making an RPG, but rather than using the forums here for it, I was planning on making an entire site for said RPG. Of course, I would like to get the participation of many of the wonderful RPers I've seen here, so I would like to post a thread for it.

So my question is: where would I post about it, and am I even allowed to post such a thread? To avoid stepping on any toes, I've refrained from even mentioning its name on this thread, since I wouldn't want to advertise where it's not allowed. While there is the RPG section and Cafe here, it doesn't seem like advertising for an outside RPG would be permitted. So after much searching, I thought the best thing to do would be to ask here.

So, that's my question, my apologies if there was somewhere else I should have posted this. Thank you for your time.

12th February 2010, 5:37 AM
just a note for your duplicate thread, you can delete your own posts yourself. press the edit button in the lower right corner and hit Delete in the buttons. and if it's the first post in a thread, the whole thread will be deleted.

anyways, for the actual question at hand, if your rpg is on an actual WEBSITE (not forum, wiki, or something that is mostly user content), you can post it in the webmasters and websites section, but be sure to read the rules there before posting. if your rpg is a forum, you may not post a thread about it anywhere.

you can, however, link to anything you want in your signature (provided it is an appropriate, virus-free link). you may not make posts like "hey check the link in my signature" or anything close to that, but you can put it in your signature with a message and other people may click on it. oh, and don't pm or vm people asking to join your site either.

12th February 2010, 5:50 AM
Understood on all counts, thank you very much. It's likely that I'll end up making it a forum RPG, so I'll just link to it in my signature when it's up. And don't worry, I know how annoying it is for people to send out mass PMs advertising a site, so I had no intention of doing that.

Thanks again for your response.