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13th February 2010, 5:15 PM
Hey, here's my deck...

1x Manectric (Arceus)
2x Electrike (Arceus)
1x Luxio (Arceus)
2x Shinx (Diamond and Pearl)
1x Raichu (Arceus)
2x Pikachu (Arceus)
3x Pichu (Arceus)
1x Electrode G (Rising Rivals)
1x Sharpedo (Rising Rivals)
3x Carvanha (Secret Wonders)
1x Honchkrow (Arceus)
2x Murkrow (Arceus)
1x Spiritomb (Arceus)
1x Arceus dark type (Arceus)

Trainers, Supporters etc
1x Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters)
1x Bebe's Search (Rising Rivals)
2x Professor Oak's Visit (Arceus)
1x Dome Fossil (Arceus)
1x Bench Shield (Arceus)
2x Potion
2x Great Ball

16x Electric energy
12x Dark energy

14th February 2010, 5:02 PM
Ok, 2 questions:
1 Why no Luxray?
2 what is your stratagy for this deck? What will u try to get out?

17th February 2010, 4:53 AM
Well to start it'd help to know what set these are from, because some of them aren't the stated set.