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Tsukiomi No Kaze
22nd February 2010, 7:26 PM
Hello guys and girls im Tsukiomi No Kaze (which is an omage to a character i play in a pokemon RP). I have been playing pokemon ever since 1997 and have played through all of the games multiple times and have some expeirince with competitive battling. I hope to start writing and post a fanfiction on the forums within the next few months. I am sort of an anime otaku (i have watched over 50 anime) and i enjoy books as well.

I will be hopping across various threads as much as i can. i hope to get to enjoy sharing my passion for pokemon with you all. See you around.

22nd February 2010, 7:30 PM
Hi Tsukiomi! I'm just as new as you. In fact, the thread below yours... is mine! Glad to know that you're interested in Pokemon. Hope you get used to things around here. See you!