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26th February 2010, 3:32 AM
wasup? i joined this site about 2 days ago and just got around to... u'know doing this thingy and such. i just got back into pokemon a little while ago, i liked it when i was a kid but now my sister says i'm ubsessed. if anything i'm ubsessed with the new games comminbg out, silver was the first game a played ever! that was ten years ago when i was five (and for those as bad at math as i am that means i'm fifteen (i know cuz i checked with a calculator(wait can i do one of these thingys in another thingy!))) anyways i already preordered both games but i'm only playing soulsilver and giving the other to my freand. i can safely say that i've never beatin a johto game so this should be a whole new experiance, heck! i didnt even know you went to the kento region in it. anyways i think brock is the coolest guy ever. you should worship him! he's my her... along with sonic the hedghog, david dochovny, goku, that guy from tenchy muyo gxp that i can never remember the name of, jack black, seth green, bufy the vampire slayer and most importantly me (my narsisism knows no bounds) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaany ways i'ma go cuz i have a short attention span and to forwarn you all i'm probobly not going to put my posts in the right catogory becouse you poeples gots lots of um and it took me five minutes to find this one. (although i probobly will becouse i dont want to be kicked out of a forum... again...) ok and for all you who've actualy stayed to read all of this you get a free cookie but shhhhhh dont tell no one!

27th February 2010, 2:03 AM
i see... no one loves me... so i'ma go ahead and break the rules and double post becouse i'm needy and want someone to say hi... just someone... i'll give you a cookie and a brownie! so unloved...