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26th February 2010, 6:16 AM
So, this is my most recent deck, it revolves completely around using tools. I war originally calling it Ratraygius-Z (sounds like outrageous in the end) lol.

3-1-3 Luxray (AR)
2-2 Raticate (AR)
1-1 Mismagius GL LvX (RR)
2 Porygon-Z G (AR)
2-2 Claydol

Trainers: 20
2- Warp Point
1- Luxury Ball
3- Pokemon Communication
1- Night Maintenance
1- Level Max
4- Rare Candy
4- Expert Belt
2- Buffer Piece
2- Bench Shield

3- Department Store Girl
4- Roseanne's Research
4- Bebe's Search

Energy: 10
6- Basic Electric Energy
4- Double Colorless Energy

Strategy: So I basically get Luxray or Raticate out fast and attach tools for major damage, usually by turn 2 I can at least get one out and attack. Mismagius allows me to move tools around, for example, extra damage is not needed from expert belt to KO a pokemon with Raticate so I take it off and put on buffer piece and hit for KO and 20 less damage next turn. Also, can take off exprt belt from pokemon about to die, and retreat and attach bench shield. Porygon gets me whatever tools I may need from discard to deck and then use DSG to retrieve those.

It's a pretty good deck so far in my uses. I am thinking of putting in poketurn and taking out a porygon-Z. Also, do I need level max, it doesn't seem to help much as I can just free retreat my active for mismagius, level up, and then warp point.

26th February 2010, 7:02 AM
idea for that deck with just mismagius and luxray

3-2-3 luxray AR or the radicate line
2-2 mismagius SF
1-1 mismagius GL RR
3 porygon-z G AR


4 expert belt
4 bench shield
4 buffer piece

now i'm gonna try that out, peace and I like your idea.