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Tirea-Sreu Arcanine
26th February 2010, 7:27 AM
Hey. :>

So I just joined this forum and whatnot, obviously. I figured I'd tell all~y'all a bit about myself. Also as obvious as the fact I'm new here - I LOVE Arcanine. It's been pretty much my top favorite since forever (except when I was little and was Pikachu-obsessed). I have a crapton of other favorites, notably Sunkern. :) It's my favorite, second only to Arcanine. And I love a lot of others but shall not list themememem~~

Now, I kinda wanna explain my username, as you're all probably wtfing about it right now. I ain't gonna lie - I effing love the movie Avatar. So being the dorky dork I am, I Googled the Na'vi language and, 'lo and behold, they actually have a ton of words up on this one website that I won't link to because I might get in trouble for it? :s? Anyways...

"Tirea" means "spirit." And "Sreu" means "dance." Why did I pick such a weird combo, you ask? Well, ~spirit~ just makes me go *-* and ~dance~ reminds me of the movie Dances with Wolves (which I love), and Arcanine reminds me of a wolf (my favorite animal).

Not entirely sure how it's officially pronounced, but here's how I say it:

tee-rey-uh - s-rey-oo

I flip/roll the "r"s too since it just sounds too awesome that way.


Oh, and the usertitle literally translates to "ride sacred wind." Yeah. They have no "the" in Na'vi language apparently.

Holy crap I type a lot. I gotta go to bed now so I can wake up for class tomorrow yargh. Hope to have fun here and all the shiznit, see ya~ ;P

26th February 2010, 12:16 PM
Avatar was a good movie :P anyways welcome to the forums i sent you a friends request too. message me if you need to know anything.