View Full Version : Grass/water deck modified

1st March 2010, 11:28 PM
heres my deck.. and give me some advice

x3 Lotad(2 are from platnum)
x3 Lombre(2 are from Platnum)
x3 Ludicolo(2 are from Platnum)
x3 snover(2 water types 1 grass)
x3 Abomasnow(2 water types 1 grass)
x2 Qwillfish
x3 Tangela
x3 Tangrowth
x1 Tangrowth LV X
x1 Delibird(heartgold soul silver)
x1 Corsola

Trainers,supporter and stadiums
x1 galactic HQ
x3 Bebe's search
x3 Cynthia's Feelings
x2 Energy Restore
x1 Roseanne"s Research
x2 Professor Oak's Visit
x2 Pokemon Reversal
x1 fisherman
x1 Professor Oaks New Theory

x8 Grass Energys
x2 Double colorless
x8 Water Energys

Please give me some feedback on what to do to make my deck better