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9th March 2010, 1:48 PM
Hey there, I'm thinking of getting back into the game of TCG.

I'm kinda new here, so if I do something wrong post-wise, please don't tear me a new one. >,<;

For the past few years I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! then got bored. While cleaning my room one day I found my old box of Pokemon cards that I had back then. One thing led to another, and I guess I got hooked back into pokemon, My old decks were not as good as I think it can be right now, so I gave them to my little cousin, and she learned how to play with her sister, and now that they know how to play, I'm getting back into the game. I'm making a new deck online and order it when I get the chance. This is the decklist so far:

Its basically a deck based on my favorite Pokemon.

Deck: Lily Blossoms (Water/Grass) Unlimited

Pokemon (28)

X4 Oddish - EX Holon Phantoms (Delta Species)
X3 Gloom - EX Unseen Forces
X2 Bellossom - Holon Phantoms (Delta Species)
X2 Cherrim - Platinum Supreme Victors
X3 Cherubi - Platinum Supreme Victors
X2 Roselia - Diamond and Pearl
X1 Dark Celebi - EX Hidden Legends
X2 Leafeon - Platinum Rising Rivals
X3 Eevee - Platinum Rising Rivals
X2 Goldeen - Diamond and Pearl
X1 Seaking - Diamond and Pearl
X2 Feebas - Platinum Supreme Victors
X1 Milotic - EX Emerald

Trainers (15)
X2 Potion
X2 Switch
X2 Lady Outing - EX Ruby and Sapphire
X2 Lanette’s Net - Search EX Emerald
X2 Mom’s Kindness - Diamond and Pearl: Majestic Dawn
X1 Professor Rowan - Diamond & Pearl
X2 Roseanne's Research - Platinum Supreme Victors
X2 Wally’s Training - EX Emerald

Energy (17)
X3 Dark Energy
X7 Leaf Energy
X7 Water Energy

Side Deck
X2 Pokemon Fan Club - POP Series 4
(Can't find online, so going to replace it with Lanette’s Net Search until then.)

I just have several Questions:
- Is there too many supporters?
- Is there too little energy?
- Seeing how some of these are pre-DPt, I'm assuming this would be an Illegal deck to run at a tournament?

I think its fine now, but any suggestions is always good. Its just for fun, not a super competitive tournament deck. (like my blackwing in YGO)

If its not legal, than I'll use it when I play with my little cousins.

9th March 2010, 11:13 PM
well...i'm gonna be gentle cause you asked,

you have to many basic pokemon in your deck that lower's your draw power, and because i'm geussing that your using this bellossom (http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/thumb/d/da/BellossomEXHolonPhantoms19.jpg/180px-BellossomEXHolonPhantoms19.jpg) (which i like as well) does not entirely work with a deck setup like this, so i'll just give you an idea for what i did for mine.

2-2-2 bellossom EXHP (i'm geussing this is the card considering)
2-2-2 vileplume ex (http://www.pojo.com/COTD/2004/July2004/vilplumeEX.jpg)/vileplume expedition (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:ExpeditionVileplume.jpg) (one of the fastest/strongest vileplume)
2-2 or 1-1 sunflora hgss (http://pokebeach.com/heartgold-and-soulsilver)(fast search card)
2-2 cherrium sf (http://pokebeach.com/scans/stormfront/14-cherrim.jpg) (the extra dmg for your grass pokemon couldn't hurt)
1-1 Seaking - Diamond and Pearl
1-1 Milotic - EX Emerald

for trainer's
-> 4 rare candy or 4 bts (http://www.pokemon-guru.cz/dnn/Portals/5/autori/104-broken-time-space.jpg), these are almost staples for stage 2 deck's. (i'm not sayin put in that much, unless you run gyarados, >.< i'm not much of a gyarados fan myself)
->warp point over switch (let's say you've used your milotic this to take out a pokemon and it only had 40-30 hp left and you have a bellossom raring to go, you just use warp point out come's bellossom and end your turn)
->for supporter's it's best if you just run celio's, wally's, bebe's, rosseannes, collector's, and professor elm's training method, with a few communicator's (i know there not supporter's but whateve), aka flexible search cards mainly for pokemon (lannette's and lady's are good cards but where you have to wait a turn for either 1 energy or 1 pokemon card could cost you).
->also it's better if you run more trainer's then support cards in your deck as you can only use support cards once per turn.

for energy's
some like to work with alot others only 5 and smash the deck with roseannes, so it's up to you.

hopefully this give's you some idea's, i like your idea it's just pretty rough (no offense).

10th March 2010, 12:51 AM
Thank you, I'll do further research.

I have a question: What is a stable format for a well balanced deck? When I played YGO I made it 20 monsters, 20 spells and traps, so I did that with this deck, 30 pokemon, 15 trainers, 15 energy. is there a better format to making a deck?

10th March 2010, 2:19 AM
the current preferred format is less pokemon less energy and more trainer's so let's say a 20:30:10 pokemon, trainer, energy ratio, but that mainly differs from player to player so it's hard to say, but that seems to be the popular thing to do right now.

i have also seen many deck's with a 20:20:20 ratio make it to worlds so anything's possible with the right strat and cards.