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27th March 2010, 4:33 AM
I believe these combinations should get wins quickly.

2-2 Absol G Lv X
2-2 Giratina Lv X
2-2 Palkia G Lv X
3 Mew Prime
2&2 Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND
3 Honchkrow G
2-2 Claydol
26 Pokemon (14 Basic)

4 Bebe's Search
3 Roseanne's Research
2 Lost World Stadium
1 Moonlight Stadium
2 Warp Point
3 Cyrus's Conspiracy
1 Fisherman
2 Premier Ball
1 Luxury Ball
1 Time-Space Distortion
3 Poke Turn
23 Trainers

6 Psychic Energy
5 Darkness Energy (Regular)
11 Energy

Possible Substitutions for Mew's Power: Flygon Lv X, Garchomp Lv X

What do you think? Could this deck make it if the cards are made?

27th March 2010, 8:06 AM
Might wanna give the people who dunno wut PokeBeach is the translations to these?

"Wins quickly?" This thing is slow......

Palkia/Absol would be the best thing. Attacking to get things lost-zoned is bad. Especially since the attack costs are amazingly high. IDK if the Lost World means Pokemon or Pokemon cards, meaning the cards in general, so...yeah. Use an SP engine with SSUs for Absol abuse. Then run 3 Lost World stadiums and yay.


27th March 2010, 9:37 AM
The cards are introduced on the main serebii.net homepage, the cards can be found there.

The Absol G's and PokeTurns can send quite a few pokemon to the Lost Zone quickly, with Cyrus to find them. This deck almost doesn't even need energy, since Absol G Lv X and Palkia G Lv X are merely for their power. The other cards are kinda gimmicky. Although I do like the idea of tossing Flygon Lv X into my lost zone and using Extreme attack from Mew, even if it requires a whole 3 energy to get rid of pesky Lv X's. 150? Gasp!

Honchkrow G can find the Stadium easily, 3 wouldn't be needed, although if you don't win right out by turn 3 or so, Giratina can finish the job. Darkrai/Cresselia is expensive, but is still effective.

Lost World - Stadium

"Each player may, during his or her turn, end the game and declare himself or herself the winner if the opponent has 6 or more Pokemon cards in his or her Lost Zone. You can only play 1 Stadium card next to your Active Pokemon during your turn. If a Stadium with a different name comes into play, discard this card." (according to PokeBeach)

6 pokemon CARDS, so if Gengar Lv X gets KO'ed, that's 4 out of 6 right there (assuming no rare candy was involved)

Granted, Unown G prevents moving to the lost zone, but say Unown Q would become a pokemon card again.

13th April 2010, 4:22 AM
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