View Full Version : D Chant (Mismagius Donk/Disruption)

5th April 2010, 12:29 AM
Pokemon (18):

4-3 Mismagius SF
2-2 Claydol GE
2 Crobat G
2 Unown E
2 Unown Q
1 Porygon-Z G

Trainers (16):

4 Poketurn
4 Pokedrawer+
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Pokemon Rescue
1 Luxury Ball

Supporters (8):

4 Pokemon Collector
4 Department Store Girl

Tools (9):

4 Bench Shield
3 Expert Belt
2 Lucky Egg

Stadium (5):

2 Broken Time-Space
2 Pokemon Contest Hall
1 Moonlight Stadium

Energy (4):

4 Cyclone

Strategy: Simple: Set up Mismagius, attatch tools to every one of your Pokemon and attatch a Cyclone or Psychic to Mismagius (In case Horror Chant is needed) and Crash Chant for 100 damage for no energy with an Expert Belt. The best part is I can discard my opponent's tools, which is one reason why it's a disruption deck. (ROFL, doesn't make the donk, but discards an Expert Belt on the defending Pokemon which makes the remaining 20 HP protected by the Expert belt gone XD) And Porygon-Z G gets back the discarded tools. Poketurn is for Crobat's Flash Bite and to re-use Porygon-Z's power (Or to simply get him back into my hand for a later use once I've laid it down twice).

I've never tried this out, I only just got this idea, so I really need help. Please rate, thanks for looking!