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9th April 2010, 4:42 AM
Ok, this deck runs entirely on discarding Fire energy.


2-2-1 Blaziken
3-3-2-2 Infernape (lvl X)
3-2-2 Typhlosine (HGSS PRIME)
2-2 Ninetails (FlameBash)
Uxie (setup promo)
Unown T (THROW pkpwr to discard energy)

15 fire energy (high for most decks, but an esential number here)

I will enter my trainers, supporters, etc. later when i get time.
The goal of the deck is this: Use Ninetails to quickly equip my team with lots of disposable energy. Attack bench (and discard 2 energy in the process) with Blaziken. Deal high damage with Typhlosine (and discard 1 energy). Then, when i have enough energy discarded, Send out LVL X Infernape. Use Flareup, dealing 150 damage AND restoring 8 energy to my deck at same time. Then Switch to Ninetails and do it again! Works great, AND saves me from decking out!

So, any thoughts? ;038; ;257; ;480; ;157; ;392; ;201-o;

9th April 2010, 6:14 PM
ive seen a better version of this deck...in fact i PLAYED a better version of it

against of course. The charizard SV deck. was too good

i actually thought of that strategy a long time ago but i am broke =]

i wouldn't use unknown T, dont base your energy on a flip of a coin

15 energy is NOT enough. go for 18 at least

in the trainer section, have a couple of Professor Oaks new theory. THis deck draws fast and its a good way to get your deck full again. Use fisherman just in case there are no more energies in your hand. ENergy searches are pretty good for this deck as well.

oh... you're not using the HG Ninetales? Put some in for Uxie...that would help a lot

also, it is important to state which 2nd stage pokemon you're using is there is a lv X to it. For infernape, both PL and MD work awesome