View Full Version : Dump and Die Fire Scrap Deck (friends)

12th April 2010, 5:24 PM
Ok here's a friends deck that was TOTALLY NOT MY IDEA cuz i would have done it better =]
its fire/psy and again made out of scraps

3-2-2 Typhlosion (Prime and HS)
2-1-1 Magmortar X
2-1 Giratina X
2-2 Mismagius DP and PL
1-1 Claydol

1 Fisherman
2 Volkners
2 Night Maintenance
2 Oaks new theory
2 Bebes
3 Mars
2 Rare Candy
2 Roseannes
1 Broken Time Space
1 Lookers
1 Copycat
2 Energy Search

6 Fire
6 Psy
1 Multi

Here's the strategy...sort of
ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

as a friend, my first critique is to get more draw cards (but then again i took them all =]) and then to get a strategy because personally, my other deck with no strategy has more strategy