View Full Version : DamageSpread deck rate

14th April 2010, 5:34 AM
Here's my newest deck idea completely based on spreading lots of damage around:

3-2 Yanmega LA
3-2 Gallade 4 X
3-1 Giratina LA X
1-1 Infernape 4 X
1-1 Claydol
3 Unown Q

3 Premier balls
1 Luxury Ball
4 Poketurn
3 Energy Gain
1 SP Radar
4 Roseannes
1 Bebes
2 Cyrus's conspiracy
2 Brenda's Warmth
2 Snowpoint Stadium

6 Grass Energy
8 Psychic Energy

Here's the strategy: Get the Yanmegas out front to use no cost sonic wave and damage the pokemon while attaching energy like heck. If i cant back this pokemon up, i still can use its 4 energy move to do 80 and switch out. Gallades can use chop up and deal even more bench spread. Then i level up so each pokemon gets another counter, use aimed cut. Poketurns are so i can used vortex chop more than once and really pile on the damage. Giratina is for Brutal Edge that does more damage the more damage counter is on the pokemon. Snowpoint stadium is for more HP (plus gives me something to draw with for Cyrus's conspiracy)

I was thinking about a gengar but dont know what to take out