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14th April 2010, 5:29 PM
made this a while ago, dismantled it, decided mabye to give it another try, mabye for BR. It's actually really not a bad idea in the first place. But vs. Dialga G this deck fails :P

Pokemon (20):

4-4 Mightyena PL
1-1-1 Nidoqueen RR
4 Skuntank G
2 Uxie
1 Azelf LA

Trainers (19):

4 Pokedrawer+
2 Pokedex
2 Quick Ball
2 Great Ball
2 NM
2 Reversal
2 Warp
1 Luxury Ball

Supporters (8):

4 Bebe's
2 Oak's New Theory
2 Collector's

Tools (3):

3 Expert Belt

Stadiums (8):

2 Moonlight
2 Speed

Energy (4):

4 Special Dark

Strategy: Set up Mightyena with an Expert Belt, Buck's in play, less energy than the defending Pokemon, and possibly a few Plus Power, for about 100 damage when poisoned by Skuntank G.

Tech details: Honchkrow is to get out stadiums, Skuntank Poisons Mighty, Nidoqueen is to protect Mighty from Poison, and if you don't know what Uxie and Azelf are for, you probably shouldn't even be rating this in the first place :P JK.

Thanks for your advice in advanced.

15th April 2010, 3:53 AM
Yeah, i saw this deck before. Of course it would fail against Dialga G but i actually havent seen a lot of those decks

Why moonlight? and i've never seen the acronyms NM and BTS

either that or im really noob. Probably the latter =]

15th April 2010, 4:07 AM
Moonlight is for if I start with Skuntank G or something. NM is to get back Nidoqueen in case it faints, as it's vital to this deck, and BTS is for T1 set up, which is possible with this deck. Updated the list.

15th April 2010, 4:36 AM
i was asking what they stood for....

btw please rate my deck cause nobody has and its all lonely...=(

16th April 2010, 2:14 AM
Oh, NM=Night Maintenace BTS=Broken Time-space, in case you didn't already get it.

Which deck is it

16th April 2010, 10:44 PM

both - damagespread and poisonburn protection