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16th April 2010, 4:05 PM
So I recently started playing the TCG again with a friend and this is the deck I've come up with. Works pretty well against him, but I'm always open to suggestions. What do you think?

Trainer Imposter Professor Oak x1
Trainer Bill x3
Trainer Energy Search x2
Trainer Professor Oak x1
Trainer Computer Search x1
Trainer Energy Retrieval x3
Trainer Potion x1
Trainer Super Potion x1
Trainer Revive x1
Trainer Pokedex x1
Trainer New Pokedex x1
Trainer PlusPower x2
Trainer Gust of Wind x1
Trainer Sleep! x1
Trainer Secret Mission x1

Brock's Onix [Gym] x1
Hitmonchan [Base] x1
Deoxys [Ex] x1
Ditto [Fossil] x1
Snorlax [Jungle] x1
Abra [Rocket] x1
Dark Kadabra [Rocket] x1
Alakazam [Base] x1
Kangaskhan [Jungle] x1
Mankey [Rocket] x1
Dark Primape [Rocket] x1
Eevee [Base] x1
Jolteon [Jungle] x1
Zapdos [Base] x1
Tauros [Jungle] x1

Potion Energy x1
Rainbow Energy x1
Double Colorless Energy x1
Fighting Energy x7
Lightening Energy x7
Psychic Energy x8

17th April 2010, 1:16 AM
whoopededoo. another unlimited deck

hehe. try to list the pokemon first as they are the center of the deck, not the trainers (usually)

the cards you use are so old, i cant even find them on pokemon.com's cardex.
no offense or anything - i have older cards