View Full Version : The Starter Deck rate series: TerraFirma

20th April 2010, 5:35 AM
HEY EVERYBODY i have decided to go with the project and this is the first installment in the series: TerraFirma!!!!

So, this is the Torterra DP deck. It's not exactly the best starter deck there is out there, and it incorporates no strategy whatsoever. Lame. Also, there are no cards in this deck that is worth getting. Lamer. Yeah.

SO IF WE ARE TO MAKE THIS THING BETTER, we have a LOT of work to do:

3-2-2-2 Torterra X
3-2-2 Dustox
1-1 Vespiqueen
3-2-2 Shiftry

4 Roseannes
4 Bebes
2 Warp Point
2 Switch
2 Rare Candy
3 Oaks Visit
2 Vs. Seeker

Energy: 10 Grass 6 Dark

Rules of this guide: except for trainers, all pokemon MUST COME FROM THE SAME EXPANSION AS THE DECK!!!!!!

and no more criticism of how sucky starter decks are: thats a given

23rd April 2010, 1:53 AM
...LXF is joking.

3 Stage 2 lines and 2 Rare Candy?

-1 Nuzleaf
-1 Cascoon
+2 Rare Candy