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Sweet May
26th April 2010, 1:30 AM
Dear X,

You complete me. ♥

Love, Y

Hello to you, yes you! Welcome to the SPPF Member Ship List version EIGHT! Vycksta has granted me another chance to recreate the thread since the last one expired. This is basically a thread for members who have the time to come up with a bizarre shipping name for them and their pair/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/waifu/husbando/best friend/alter-ego/that member they had a one-night stand with/a random SPPFer who was on the same bus with them/etc and want to post it here so the world sees it. You know some shipping fun when fictional characters isn't enough.


General SPPF Rules and Shipping Rules apply at all times.
Follow the form! Won't fix it for you and the ship will be ignored.
No changes to the ship name (and colors) so make sure the name is worth it!
Any shipping can have color added to it EXCEPT FOR POLY SHIPS!
You cannot post a member ship if you're not involved in it. Make sure that the members in the ship agree to let you post the ship or you will be in trouble.
If you want no part in a ship, PM me and it'll be taken off.
Questions/comments/concerns/etc? Then PM/VM me and we'll talk.


_________shipping ♥ MEMBER 1 x MEMBER 2
Just remove the "_" to the name of your shipping. MEMBER 1/2 get changed to the member(s) included in your ship.



Awesomeshipping ♥ Bryony x taitofan

Bipolarshipping ♥ Vycksta x Avegaille
bipowershipping ♥ riolulu x Mr. Joker


Dozeshipping ♥ ^^Yoshinichi^^ x Haruka










NightWishShipping ♥ Midnite♪ x starfire_jirachi


Perfectshipping ♥ arcanumghost x riolulu


Railgunshipping ♥ Sweet May x Avegaille

Senselessshipping ♥ Bryony x Crystal Clair
Spamshipping ♥ FlameRose x Vycksta

Trashedshipping ♥ Vycksta x Kit Kat
Trustshipping ♥ Vycksta x Bryony



WatShipping ♥ Undead Lust x Twin Spire


Yuritasticshipping ♥ Orion-sama x Avegaille




Wackob(procrastinating)shipping ♥ arcanumghost x Avegaille x C.Gholy x Cap D. Blue x darklord18 x Katsu Koneko x legerdemain x Medea x Mel-Girl x Mewluvr200 x Moogles4ever x Mr. Joker x Orion-Sama x Sapphiredragon929 x Sonic Boom x S-Unit x Sweet May x Tadashi x WGCV23 x ~Mist~ x Kit Kat

26th April 2010, 1:57 PM
Yuritasticshipping ♥ Orion-sama x Avegaille

Bipolarshipping ♥ Vycksta x Avegaille

Railgunshipping ♥ Sweet May x Avegaille

Hurhurhurhur, Yuritastic is as canon as it can be... MU wise. Orion agrees otherwise unless mentioned. Only close friends know the deal with this.

As for Bipolar, me and Vy have this somewhat changing personality or something and we both agreed on this...

Railgun, me and Cyn just had a discussion with this and came with this as the final verdict. My obsession for said series and also Cyn liking Kuroko a lot... oooh yeah... =x As for colors, Cyn do the honors and make any changes to the green if any cause I don't know your exact color... xD

More ships to come when... I start asking around... and then probably revising a couple of others... xD;;

1st May 2010, 1:44 PM
Senselessshipping ♥ Bryony x Crystal Clair

Trustshipping ♥ Vycksta x Bryony

Senseless came to be because that is what we called each other in some pointless row in Avegaille's face-off, eons ago. Is CC still ON the forums?

Trust is trust is trust. She trusts me with everything, I trust her with everything. It's the highest a friendship can go without it being properly canon. Eight and a half years and still going. Long may we spam AIM and her LJ/Facebook with pointless random things only the two of us will ever understand. xD

2nd May 2010, 7:05 PM
there's so many. I think the last mem ship thread's last few pages were like my crack ships with people.

anyways, reposting a few for now. not most of them, because yeah, I'll let others post if they want.

Trashedshipping ♥ Vycksta x Kit Kat.
(ONE OF THE MOST TRUEST AND EPICNESS SHIPPINGS OUT THERE! the name is so obvious. Vodka, alcohol, parties, just the two of us together online is just SPAMALICIOUS CRACK. And the two of us will meet one day, which will be extremely scary to anybody who comes near us, because it's obvious how we'd be together! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!
Colors - Indigo, Purple, DarkOrchid and Plum

FunDipShipping ♥ Sapphiredragon929 x Sweet May x Kit Kat

duhhhhhhhh, it's amazing.

Colors - Red, DeepSkyBlue, Lime and White.

Wackob(procrastinating)shipping ♥ arcanumghost x Avegaille x C.Gholy x Cap D. Blue x darklord18 x Katsu Koneko x legerdemain x Medea x Mel-Girl x Mewluvr200 x Moogles4ever x Mr. Joker x Orion-Sama x Sapphiredragon929 x Sonic Boom x S-Unit x Sweet May x Tadashi x WGCV23 x ~Mist~ x Kit Kat

Well the name. Wackob was a typo made by me ..meaning to say 'Wackjobs' ..and it all came to be. And (procrastination) ..well Cyn thought we should be that, because we all procrastinate, but yeah.)

Why we have all these weirdos in it. Well ask MSN. We overload and create massive WTF on the poor thing, and we're amazing so yeah! :>
GROUP CHATS FTW. (some of these people are kinda dead, but whatever, they still must be in the ship. and some have left sppf completely, but WHO CARES.)

"Yes, these folks have sucked and screwed across the state to get to the time portal"
- Sonic Boom.

Undead Lust
7th May 2010, 7:09 PM
WatShipping ♥ Undead Lust x Twin Spire

Canon <33

8th May 2010, 2:10 PM
Awesomeshipping ♥ Bryony x taitofan

I FORGOT THIS ONE. In the Shipping Face-Off I applauded her taste in ships and called her awesome. Before that I also called her the same tag on Vycksta's LJ. Let's face it. We are. :D

8th May 2010, 9:31 PM
Spamshipping ♥ FlameRose x Vycksta

The two of us try to spam eachother's AIM everyday. That's all you need to know. XD

11th May 2010, 2:30 AM
Dozeshipping ♥ ^^Yoshinichi^^ x Haruka

We hardly noticed the transition between friends and lovers, so it was a real doze, and from our four year friendship, we became a couple. Going on about 7 months now, a pretty damn epic and canon couple. We've even met in real life!~[spiel]

13th May 2010, 2:19 AM
Perfectshipping ♥ arcanumghost x riolulu

Coz we're perfect.

EDIT: bipowershipping ♥ riolulu x Mr. Joker

EDITEDIT: reason: we're bi and we have power. And we're sexy. :3


Sweet May
16th May 2010, 3:05 AM
Okay first of all. There will be an adjustment to the new thread thanks to a concern that lead me to make this decision.

Bolding a ship to imply it's canon-ness will not be necessary anymore. Instead, you can figure out the ship's dynamics. (even better if you know the people :p)

That is all. All ships should be added to the list. Except for:

FunDipShipping ♥ Sapphiredragon929 x Sweet May x Kit Kat

duhhhhhhhh, it's amazing.
It violates rule numero 5! (or rule #4 now)

Sorry for the delay and things should be moving smooth now.~

5th June 2010, 6:46 AM
(*sighs*I hope this doesn't count for necroposting... even though I know it's not exactly a month since its last post. >.<)

Whoa... for a second, I thought this one died since I last visited this section of the forum (which was pretty much many weeks ago). o.o Anyway, just going to repost this...

NightWishShipping ♥ Midnite♪ x starfire_jirachi

This shipping yet remains alive, especially as canon! My pair is the same person, the only difference here is his username change under a different account (he can't log in through his old account [Wiimote] anymore).

Restating my explanation, 'Night' is derived from his username while 'Wish' is derived from one of my most favorite Pokemon of all time. Currently going on about 2 years of close friendship, though we're pretty much lurkers on this forum now due to our modships elsewhere, we're still standing strong and inseparable as ever, despite the estimated 3000-mile distance. At this point, other than being the best of friends and acting sibling-like towards each other, we sorta think of ourselves as counterparts, especially since we share a lot of similarities and a few polar opposites. Even whenever we have our ups and downs, we're still there for each other. <3

And an easy copypasta for Sweet May (at least whenever this gets updated). :]

NightWishShipping ♥ Midnite♪ x starfire_jirachi

Sweet May
5th June 2010, 2:28 PM
Added to the list. :D

5th June 2010, 4:02 PM
WAYLT shipping ♥ otaku-dono x Chaotic Tyrant x hobby x Umbreon-dana x Barbarooza x Mariya Shidou x pink skitty

5th June 2010, 7:31 PM
MassachusettsShipping ♥ RedMage x Lawnmowergirl

Mr. Joker
17th June 2010, 6:44 AM
NEXTshipping ♥ Sweet May x Mr. Joker

Your opinion is worthless.


Leetshipping ♥ BlankAsPaper x Mr. Joker

It's back baby.

25th June 2010, 7:01 PM
Can't be bothered to go through the old thread to find the ships I'm in. Heh, I know most of them anyway!

Lazarusshipping ♥ Vycksta x steel-rain

Lazarusshipping in Pokemon is Steven Stone x Lyra. On a roleplay that Raine actually is the maintainer and I am a newbie mod of she roleplays Steven and I a Lyra, who in said roleplay is called Soul. Makes sense to give our ship name... the same name!

Twintasticshipping ♥ Vycksta x taitofan

Heading on for four years since becoming each other's SPPf twins and we've been through a lot, including a 14 month long relationship that ended cause I'm a ****, TBTH. I can honestly say that we'll still be :awesome: buddies and twins in another four years and possibly another four after that ktnxbai.

Vodkashipping ♥ Typhlogirl x Vycksta


Yuritasticshipping ♥ Orion-Sama x Vycksta

Obvious shipping name should be obvious; we both heart yuri ships. Even if I also like a fair dosage of het and human x Pokemon the name still very much stands.

9th July 2010, 5:51 AM
Might as well re-add most of my ships.

Doyfriendshipping ♥ WGCV23 x pokefan#493

Crackshipping ♥ pokefan#493 x Mr. Joker

EpicallyAwesomeNoBrainershipping ♥ pokefan#493 x Voodoo-Muffin

Fangirlshipping ♥ sweetpikachu x pokefan#493

FanLuvrshipping ♥ pokefan#493 x Mewluvr200

HAPPEHshipping ♥ pokefan#493 x Pikachu_luver

HeavenElevenShipping ♥ pokefan#493 x Espeon_114x

Fangasmicshipping ♥ WGCV23 x pokefan#493 x Mr. Joker

Hope it's not too much.. ^^; (you can just quote me and c/p, right?)

Thanks ♥