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27th April 2010, 6:23 AM
I've been thinking about playing competitively, so I decided to make my first modified deck (I've been playing modified up until now). I thought it would be cool to build a deck around Meganium Prime due to his ability. I found out there are some other decks that utilize Meganium as well as other grass-types to move energy around and do some serious damage. Here's what I came up with:

Pokemon: 26
3x Chikorita MT
2x Bayleaf MT
3x Meganium (Prime) GS
2x Treecko GE
1x Grovyle GE
2x Sceptile GE
2x Shaymin PL (Land Form)
1x Shaymin Lv.X PL (Land Form)
4x Celebi MT
2x Scizor 4 RR
2x Hoothoot DP
2x Noctowl GS

Trainers: 22
3x Bebe's Search
4x Cyrus's Conspiracy
1x Level Max
1x Luxury Ball
1x Miasma Valley
2x Professor Oak's New Theory
3x Rare Candy
4x Roseanne's Research
3x Poke Turn

Energy: 12
10x Grass Energy
2x Colorless Energy

The basic strategy of this deck is energy manipulation. Meganium moves grass energies around and Sceptile doubles each of them, so I essentially have a total of 20 in the deck. Shaymin X adds 40 HP to all my grass pokemon and it can take advantage of a hand full of energies with seed flare. This attack can be pretty devastating with Sceptile in play to double the value of my energies. Scizor is an SP pokemon, so if everything's set up right i can seed flare, then on the next turn move all the grass energies onto Scizor, use poke turn, then put those energies back on Shaymin X for another seed flare. Celebi is a good early game starter to get some grass energy into play and move them around a bit if i can't get Meganium out right away. Noctowl is used for some drawing power. There isn't really any reason I chose Noctowl over Claydol; I just like it better. Noctowl is able to attack in a pinch though, whereas Claydol cannot.

As far as trainers go, I want to be able to get the pokemon I need as soon as possible. Miasma valley is there for a lack of a better stadium, but it is nice to have a little extra damage on some of the opponents pokemon. Poke Turn is necessary to get the Scizors back in my hand for another round of seed flare.

So that's my deck. I would very much appreciate any suggestions, especially regarding trainers, to make my strategy run a little smoother. Thanks in advance!

Light Venusaur
27th April 2010, 7:11 AM
Swap out the 2x Landmin's for 2x Skymin...also drop out the 2x Scizor's for 1-1 Secptile (GE).

27th April 2010, 5:59 PM
ok could you please explain how this would help? The way i've been testing it, both Shaymin land and Scizor are very important to my strategy because they allow me to abuse Maganium and Sceptile's powers..

1st May 2010, 1:33 AM
hey, nice deck so far! Great with the grass pokemonness, since that type is awesome. And good job working modified, i have it against unlimited users

Ok, scizor is nice, but there are tons of better grass basics out there. Take Turtwig GL for instance. That thing is a tank, especially with your kind of deck.

Ok, you are really overabusing Sceptile GE. The grass energy pokepower only works once per turn, and otherwise that pokemon's useless.

Where you'll get all your power is with Torterra PL. It's green blast does 40+ each grass energy attached to your pokemon. In this case, its doubled. Your deck would then have the potential of 240 damage with no setbacks. Nice....

Take out Meganium Prime and just stick in the Sceptile that can do the same to save card space. Premier events allow for only 15 different pokemon

take out all celebi and put in leafeon X. Then you really have no need of getting shaymin X early, so you can reduce shaymin amounts. In the end, here is what i would have:

4-2-2-1 Torterra PL X
2-2-1 Leafeon X (use the RR leafeon)
1-1 Shaymin X
3-2-3 Sceptile (two SF and one GE)
2 Turtwig GL
2-2 Noctowl HS

And that's exactly 15 pokemon =]

Use Pokecomm and Great ball combo to get your pokemon out fast. If you want, take out the Torterra lv X for a Chatot MD for fast setup. Abuse rare candy and premier balls, forget Lv Max and colorless energy.

Good luck on your deck... youve got an amazing start
GO FOR PREMIER!!!!!!! =]