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15th May 2010, 8:21 PM
Hey, All. For once in it's existence, I thought I'd post my lil' darkness deck up for feedback. Do keep in mind that 1) I'm not a very good deck builder, and 2) This is a 'Diamond & Pearl - On' deck. Also, if I broke any technical rules or have more/less than 60 cards, its only a mistake. I don't ever mean or want to cheat. Well, here goes:

Deck Name: Untitled (If you've got suggestions...)

x19 Pokemon:
x3 Darkrai (D & P: Great Encounters - 4/106)
x1 Darkrai Lv.X (D & P: Great Encounters - 104/106)
x4 Murkrow (D & P: Mysterious Treasures - 90/123)
x3 Honchkrown (D & P: Mysterious Treasures - 10/123)
x1 Honchkrow Lv.X (D & P: Secret Wonders - 132/132)
x4 Sneasel (Diamond & Pearl - 100/130)
x2 Weavile (Diamond & Pearl - 40/130)\
x1 Weavile (D & P: Secret Wonders - 40/132)

x17 Trainers
x2 Energey Restore
x2 Night Maintenance
x2 Premier Ball
x3 Switch
x1 Amulet Coin (Pokemon Tool) (D & P: Great Encounters)
x2 Leftovers (Pokemon Tool) (D & P: Great Encounters)
x4 Bebe's Search (Supporter) (D & P: Mysterious Treasures)
x1 Broken Time-Space (Stadium) (Platinum)

x24 Energy
x4 Darkness Energy (Special)
x20 Darkness Energy (Basic)

Well, that's that. I'm sorry that I can't (or really won't) say what else I have in my collection. If you give me a card suggestion, though, I'll hunt it down on the web, or something. Thanks.

17th May 2010, 1:51 AM
well, you get the priority right, and you use the right darkness pokemon...

you have quite too many energies and not enough supportive trainers
-about 6 darkness energy
-amulet coin

+a card that is a motor (claydol, noctowl) or a setup card (chatot MD, spritomb, driftblim)

you might wanna remove the honchkrow line and add in the new tyranitar prime for single energy proness.