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29th May 2010, 6:06 AM
HEY EVERBODY!!!!! this subforum has been left empty so i'll will post the first deck rate in more that 10 freaking days!!!!!

2-2 Darkrai X (preferably off the MD one)
3-2-2 Tyrannitar Prime
1-1 Weaville
3 Spiritomb
1 Honchkrow
1 Darkrai G
2-2 Claydol

3 Moonlight
1 Luxury
2 Roseannes
2 Cyrus
1 SP radar
1 Poketurn
3 Bebes
1 Premier
1 NM
2 Cynthias
1 Expert
2 Rare candy

12 regular darkness
4 special darkness

This deck can utterly blow away all hope of survival once its set. Start with spiritomb and set up Tyrannitars. Use Roseannes to get the Darkrai X on field, and then the killing starts. Tyrannitar with expert does 180 damage with 4 energy and 110 with three. All darkness energies get extra boost with darkrai. Darkness roar with four energies even manages to whack 80 and 20 bench spread, which is easily deathly. Plus Tryannitar has 180 HP now. heh. Weaville is for Nasty Plot backup, plus Dark Pulse has the potential of 190 damage as well, though rare. I'm sorry, this deck just pwns like crazy.

29th May 2010, 4:26 PM
Read Darkness Energy Special. It only does extra damage to the active so Darkness Roar would do 80 to the active, and 20 to the bench. I believe.

What's even more sick is just getting the early spread without Spiritomb. Like this:

Larvitar start
Candy/BTS into T-Tar
Attatch Darkness
Darkness Howl


-3 Spiritomb
-1 Moonlight
-2 Cyrus
-1 SP Radar
-2 Cynthia's
-1 Darkrai G
-1 Honchkrow
-1-1 Claydol
-1-1 Darkrai X
-1 Poketurn

+1-1 Manectric PL
+1 Bench Shield
+1-0-2 T-Tar
+2 Candies
+2 Roseanne's
+2 BTS
+1 Palmer
+1 NM
+1 Expert Belt
+1 Uxie LA

Try that and see how it works. Nice idea, BTW. Never saw how good Darkrai is in T-Tar.

30th May 2010, 3:31 PM
yer Nidoprince helped me with my deck and it has improved so much. also i agree with nidoprince alot, it is a nice idea! im not a fan of dark types, i only like ttar and darkrai.

i like your deck, advice to u is that u keep on improving and one day u may be our newest world champ!

31st May 2010, 5:46 AM
with manetric PL, bench shield is uneeded even for precaution as long as you run the spiritomb or bebes or etc etc.
and i put honchkrow out so i would be assured a stadium early

wow, just realized i need to run some pokecomms for more searching

and thanks pokemania, but i have no money so will never get to worlds (or even nationals) even with good strategies.

to show my point, last battle road i ran "economically friendly flyphan"

31st May 2010, 11:51 AM
thats a shame. your strats sound really nice. i cant get to any tourneys cause they are all in hackney,london which is no.1 fare away from me even though i live in london and no.2 its a dodgy place to go :s

i just read the whole thing, it is really good! im gonna try to get ttar prime it looks sick :D that is a killer deck, that could probaly do good in championships. see it is a shame...