View Full Version : Yes, We Donk

31st May 2010, 6:34 AM
Just thought of it right now, completely original and random donk deck

4 Ambipom G
3-1 Uxie X
4 Crobat G
1-1 Claydol
3-1 Garchomp C X
2 Honchkrow G

4 Expert
4 Poketurn
4 Cyrus
4 Energy Gain
2 Roseannes
2 Bebe
1 Premier
1 Luxury
1 SP Radar
1 Snowpoint Temple

4 Rainbow
8 Dark

Ambipom donk would be the more common donk, Garchomp donk would be more rare. If the battle carries on, Honchkrow can help with bench snipe and half donk. Totally random, but hey it actually might work

31st May 2010, 4:26 PM
The Pokemon aren't too original, but the trainers and energy are pretty original.

4 Expert Belt? Why? Just recycle the 2 you should be playing to donk. One more Roseanne's is fine, but 2 more is best. You don't need Claydol in a basic Pokemon donk deck. Garchomp likes to snipe twice in a row, so 2-2 Garchomp is nice. It also keeps you from having to play Azelf. One less Uxie is fine. To go with the theme of donking and to counter Mewtwo, add 1-1 Shuppet with 1 Mr. Mime and 1 Unown Q. You don't need Snowpoint Temple, you need a few more radars (2 or 3 is nice), one less Crobat, and low cost, good damage SP Pokemon are fun to play. Blaziken FB, for example. Absol G Lv.X, too. SV if finally proving itself ^_^

Energy should be cut to 4 DCE, 4 Basic Dark. Add in whatever draw power you want (trainers only) and whatever fast Pokemon you want (basics only) and this'll play better.