View Full Version : Rock Tumbler

10th June 2010, 6:02 AM
3-1-2 Golem AR
3-1-2-1 Rhyperior RR X
3-2-1 Hippodown RR X
1-1 Bronzong

1 Premier Ball
3 Rare Candy
2 Bebe's
2 Palmers
4 Pokecomm
2 Oak's new theory
1 Luxury
1 Expert
4 Warp
1 Pokecollector

12 Ground

THis deck is interesting, because no matter how many energies you discard, Rhyperior will always get it back with upthrow. SO golem has an insane potential with Rock TUmble. THis deck will work with FLygons and Stark MOuntain, but I couldnt decide what was better. Less DCE? Probably.