View Full Version : Milotic/Quagsire MD on

10th June 2010, 10:25 PM
Pokemon (19):

4-4 Milotic SV
1-1 Bronzong SF
3 Quagsire GL
2 Regice LA
2 Mesprit LA
1 Houndoom G
1 Azelf LA

Trainers (24):

4 Night Teleporter
4 Bench Shield
4 Potion
4 Warp Point
3 Candies
1 Luxury Ball

Supporters (8):

4 Bebe's Search
2 Looker's
2 Palmer's

Stadiums (2)

2 Dawn Stadium

Energy (7):

(Not so sure how to lay this out)
3 Water
1 Dark


Set up Milotic and get rid of your hand with techs. Then get a prize with Quagsire and wall until time is called or they scoop. Houndoom G is a Dialga counter.

What I need help with is what I should take out (If I should put in) for:

Something else to take up Mesprits

Shedinja SV/Mewtwo X/Rapidash AR (When I take a prize, that gives a card to my hand which will break Aqua Mirrage)

Please tell me what to take out and what to put in. Otherwise the post does not help. Thanks in advanced for fixing.