View Full Version : Blazing Alligator (Big Evolution) Deck

Darth Sabreus
25th June 2010, 7:11 AM
Pokemon (22)

Torchic x3 (TK, Power Keepers, Pt)
Totodile x3 (Expedition (both), HGSS)
Marill x2 (HGSS, TR Returns)
Regice x1 (Legends Awakened)
Mawile x1 (Power Keepers)
Rayquaza x1(Delta)
Zigzagoon x2 (TK)
Linoone x1(TK)
Combusken x2 (TK, Great Encounters)
Croconaw x2 (HGSS, M. Treasures)
Azumarill x1 (TR Returns)
Feraligatr x1 (HGSS)
Blaziken x2 (Pt, R&S)

Trainers (14)

High Pressure System x1
Prof. Elm's Training Method x2
Pokemon Trader (Base Set) x1
Bebe's Search x1
Pluspower x1
Great Ball x1
Energy Removal x1
Gust of wind x1
Holon Researcher x1
Potion x2
Energy Retrieval x2

Energy (24)

10x Fire
9x Water
3x Special Metal
1x Holon FF
1x Holon WP

Please feel free to rate my deck. All suggestions welcome! I suspect I have too many Energies...