View Full Version : Wormadam/Mothim MD on

27th June 2010, 8:04 PM
Pokemon (23):

0-4 Mothim 3 MD, 1 AR (Nice tech)
3-2 Wormadam Metal (AR-AR)
3-2 Wormadam Fighting (AR-AR)
3-2 Wormadam Grass (AR=AR)
3 Uxie LA
1 more of any Burmy, not sure what to run more of

T/S/S (23)

4 Communicator's
4 Bebe's
4 Pokedex
4 Warp Point
2 Collector's
2 Cynthia's Feelings (Because everyone in the deck has low HP)
2 Palmer's
1 Luxury Ball

Energy (14):

4 Grass
3 Metal
3 Fighting

Strategy: There's 2 strategies:

Set up Trash, Sandy, and Plant Wormadam, with a Mothim active, early donk, or you can hit and switch, move energies, and use a wide variety of attacks with all the Wormadam in play.

It's hard to explain, but basicly it's the deck that does it all: Disrupts and Snipes with Trash Wormadam, heals and hits status with Plant Wormadam, hits high with Sandy Wormadam, Donks, hit-switches, and moves energy with Mothim MD, sets up with Mothim AR, and weakness hits.