View Full Version : Charizard, Mountain King (Unlimited Casual Play)

12th July 2010, 1:53 AM
Taking a break from the rather competetive side of things, I have decided to build a Charizard based deck using my Unlimited format Trainers to speed the deck along and give it a bit more power. First, the deck:

4 Charmander (3 Arceus, 1 EX Dragons with Rage)
2 Charmeleon (Secret Wonders)
4 Charizard (Arceus)
2 Houndour (Neo Discovery foil)
2 Houndoom (Legends Awakened)
2 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Magmortar (Secret Wonders)
2 Vulpix (Base Set)
2 Ninetails (Heart Gold Soul Silver Roast Reveal)
2 Torkoal (EX Legend Maker)

2 Professor Elm
2 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Rare Candy
4 Fisherman
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Item Finder
1 Warp Point
1 Meteor Falls

14 Fire Energy

If you notice, I have 1 pokemon from each Generation--Zard/Tails are Gen 1, Houndoom is Gen 2, Torkoal is Gen 3, and Magmortar is Gen 4. I would like to hold onto this little scheme as this is a casual deck utilizing bother Magmortar and Houndoom as backup attackers, with Charizard being the main attacker. Torkoal is a set up pokemon with his Cry for Help attack.

Likewise, these are some of my favorite pokemon, so I would like to hold on to this lineup. The lineup in question, however, is open to tweaking in terms of the number of a certain pokemon utilized.

On the Trainer side of things, Oak and Elm are nice draw; I do an even split because I don't want to do too much discarding from Oak...so in those instances Elm is a good idea. The Computer Search is ridiculously good search, as is Pokemon Trader. Item Finder recovers the search trainers, the Rare Candy and Fisherman.

I use Fisherman here in place of the traditional Typhlosion Prime line so that I can use my more favorite fire-types. The lone Meteor Falls is meant to combo with a Charizard evolved from the EX Dragon secret rare Charmander. The idea is to Rage when the 'Zard is in danger of being knocked out.

Warp Point gets Torkoal out of harm's way after I get a nice set up going.

So overall a casual fire deck for Unlimited is what I have here.