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2nd August 2010, 12:35 AM
Hey guys,
I have modified my deck a few times all with some pretty good outcomes. This is my latest modification because I just got some new cards. The Stormfront Gyrados used to be my deck leader but I just got some Emopleons and yeah...I changed it up a little. Anyway, here is my deck list. It is Modified deck format by the way.
Pokemon (29)
Piplup lv 10 Majestic Dawn (2)
Piplup Platinum
Piplup Diamond Pearl
Prinplup Majestic Dawn (3)
Empleon Majestic Dawn
Empoleon Platinum (2)
Empoleon Lv. X
Wash Rotmom
Snover Stormfront (3)
Abomasnow Stormfront (3)
Bidoof Supreme Victors
Bidoof Stormfront (2)
Bibarrel Stormfront (2)
Magikarp Mysterious Treasures
Magikarp Stormfront
Magikarp supreme victors
Gyarados Stormfront (2)
Gyarados Mysterious Treasures
Trainers (8)
Prof Oaks Visit
Interviewer’s questions
Roseanne’s Research
Cynthia’s Feelings
Pokémon Communication (3)
Energies (23)
Water (23)