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5th August 2010, 11:03 AM
hi guys can you please give me some good suppoters and trainers to go in this deck. also tell me which cards shouldnt be in the deck and which cards should go in to it. p.s i only have hs unleashed cards.

crobat prime x1
golbat x2
zubat x3
poliwrath x1
politoad x1
poliwhirl x3
poliwag x4
entei and suicune legend (both halves) x1

22nd August 2010, 5:19 AM
First of all, your number of card copies are decreasing as you go up the evolutionary line. You don't want that. I'd recommend a Basic/Stage I/Stage II ratio of 2/2/3 or 3/2/3 (starting with basic and ending with stage II). In short you should have more copies of your Stage II Pokemon.

On that note, since you're using Stage II Pokes, Rare Candies are a given. You'll want to get your pokemon to their final forms ASAP. The shorter your setup time, the better.

I'd also suggest going pure Psychic and running Metagross. It can target the bench better than Poliwrath, and retreats for free as long as it has Psychic Energy. My brother ran a Crobat/Metagross deck until recently, so I know how powerful it is (just watch out for Steelix Prime).

Hope this advice proves useful.