View Full Version : How's my Deck?(Water/Electric Deck)

13th August 2010, 5:59 AM
Okay, I've never actually played the TCG despite being an avid collector when I was younger, and I just recently decided to get back into the cards. I started my collection with the HS Trainer Kit(consisting of the Gyrados and Raichu half-decks), and I've built on my collection with mostly HS-Unleashed booster packs.

My deck is Water/Electric(carried over from the HS Trainer Kit deck), with two main strategys: Water Pokemon have okay offensive attacks for my opponents Active Pokemon, but their main focus is attacking my opponents Benched Pokemon. Electric Pokemon attack my opponents Benched Pokemon if they can, but they main focus is high damage against my opponents Active Pokemon.

My deck contains:

Squirtle(HS-U 63)
Wartortle(HS-U 42)
Blastoise(HS-U 13)
Poliwag(HS-U 58)
Poliwhirl(HS-U 37)
Poliwrath(HS-U 21)
Horsea(HS-U 49)
Seadra(HS-U 40)
Kingdra(HS-U 17)
Remoraid(HS-U 59)
Octillery(HS-U 6)
Lapras(DP-GE 21)
Qwilfish(HGSS 50)
Pikachu(HGSS 78)
Raichu(HGSS 10)
Chinchou(HG-U 48)
Lanturn Prime(HG-U 86)
Mareep(HGSS 73)
Mareep(PL 82)
Flaaffy(HGSS 42) x2
Ampharos Prime(HGSS 105)
Chansey(HGSS 58)
Blissey(PL 22)

Pokemon Communication(HGSS 98)
Energy Switch(HGSS 91)
Pokemon Collector(HGSS 97) x2
Fisherman(HGSS 92)
Professor Oak's New Theory(HGSS 101)
Professor Elm's Training Method(HGSS 100) x2
Good Rod(HG-U 76)
Interviewer's Questions(HS-U 77)
Life Herb(HG-U 79)
Super Scoop Up(HS-U 83)

Water Energy x12
Electric Energy x12

So, that's my deck, and a noticeable aspect is that I have almost no doubles, so all of my stage two pokemon have only one copy of their stage one form, and one copy of their basic form in my deck.

That seems like something that could be a rookie mistake(in an attempt to fit in as many cool pokemon as possible), but in playing with my deck(granted, only with a few of my friends), my deck tends to do rather well especially since it consists of cards like Pokemon Collector and Professor Elm's Training Method, which make getting cards I only have one of in my deck to my hand rather easily.

So, how good is my deck? Should i switch to focusing on a few specific evolutionary lines instead of having a large variety? Despite that I've had little trouble with having evolutions without the corrisponding Basic Pokemon, would my deck still benifit from a more focused structure?

Any advice would be helpful since I am still rather new to the TCG.