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21st August 2010, 6:45 AM
So I bought another started deck, and I put together my lightning cards to make this. My main card is Raichu, and I don't have very many pokemon so I have a lot of searcher cards. (Bebe's Search, Energy Search, Poke Ball, etc.)

Pokemon: 20
3 Raichu (2 from HS Starter Kit Raichu Deck, 1 Stormfront)
4 Pikachu (GS) (Fear it!)
3 Flaafy (GS)
4 Mareep (GS)
1 Noctowl (GS)
2 Hoothoot (GS)
2 Raticate G (Supreme Victors)
1 Meowth (GS)

Trainers: 9
2 Energy Search (Majestic Dawn)
1 Pokemon Communication (GS)
1 Poke Ball (GS)
1 Energy Switch (GS)
2 Moomoo Milk (GS)
2 Switch (GS)

Supporters: 8
1 Copycat (GS)
1 Bill (GS)
1 Professors Oak's New Theory (GS)
2 Professor Elm's Training Method (GS)
1 Bebe's Search (Rising Rivals)
2 Pokemon Collector (GS)

Energies: 23
21 Lightning
2 Water (For Colorless Energy)

I just threw it together, though it's better than my ember spark deck.

I also have another question...
I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh and I noticed whenever I went in a tournament, there were some cards that seemed to be very popular and seemed to be standard to have in any deck. (Some examples are Bottomless Trap Hole and Swords of Revealing Light)

21st August 2010, 1:30 PM
Pokemon-wise, this needs a bit of work. The Raichus... I don't find to work as well as the new ones in Undaunted. The uncommon one spreads damage better, and the Prime has the bonus of sucking up Lightning Energy from any Pokemon you have in play before discarding all attached to itself for a 120 Mega Thunderbolt.

I'm not liking the Bill, as there much better cards which are easy to pull out of packs. Try taking it and the Poke Ball out for 2 Judges. The Judges along with the Copycat already in your deck will combo well with the Noctowl.

Another two Bebe's Search will help here.

I'm not sure on the use of the 2 random Water energies which you say are for colourless. Your Lightning energies can do this job as well, and you have more than enough of them. I would honestly take them out.

So I would suggest:

-2 Raichu GS, 1 Raichu SF
+2 Raichu UD, 1 Raichu Prime
-Meowth GS
+Noctowl GS
-1 Mareep GS
+2 Ampharos GS

-Poké Ball
-Energy Switch
+2 Pokemon Communication

+2 Bebe's Search

-2 Water Energy

What was the question you wanted to ask about YGO?

22nd August 2010, 12:48 AM
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22nd August 2010, 4:46 AM
If you're using the HGSS Raichu, I'd recommend Fisherman to get back those discarded energy. I don't see why you'd run the water energy, though. There are better filler cards out there.

I'd also suggest adding Ampharos and Ampharos Prime. Ampharos lets you search your deck for energy and attach it more quickly, while the Prime's Poke-Body hurts your opponent's Pokes whenever he attaches energy to them. My brother ran a Raichu/Ampharos deck when HGSS came out, and suffice it to say that it was hated by everyone who played against it. If you're gonna run Ampharos, though, you might want some Rare Candies.

White Wizard
22nd August 2010, 4:53 AM
eh bad, but the pokemon do need some work

22nd August 2010, 9:54 AM
Hold on, I'm confused. You told me to take out Poke Ball and Bill for 2 Judges, but then in your list it didn't say Judge, it said Pokemon Communication instead. O.o So Which one should I put in...?

24th August 2010, 7:33 AM
as a suggestion to increase the usage of raichu's attack, go

2-2 raichu hgss
1-1-1 magnezone SF (super connectivity)

and toss in some fisherman's, rare candy and bts to increase the usage of this combo as it speeds up raichus attack to 100 dmg per turn. and btb 1 pokeball is useless when you can just put in an extra bebe's, Interviewer's questions, luxary ball, communicator or collector. cya