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25th August 2010, 11:21 PM
Hello Serebii, this is my TCG deck based around Fire types. I like monotype decks as it is usually easier to pick energy. I chose Fire because that is the type I have the most of.
I do not have very many strong stage 3, so most families are stage 2. I do not have anyone to play TCG with, so I'm posting my deck here.
On another note, which do you think is a better TCG program, Apprentice or Redshark?


x4 Cyndaquil (EX Unseen Forces 54)
x3 Quilava (EX Unseen Forces 45)
x1 Typhlosion (EX Unseen Forces 17)

x1 Numel (EX Emerald 58)
x1 Numel (EX Holon Phantoms 72)
x1 Numel (EX Crystal Guardians 59)
x2 Camerupt (EX Emerald 23)
x1 Camerupt (EX Holon Phantoms 36)

x3 Slugma (EX Unseen Forces 73)
x1 Slugma (EX Deoxys 74)
x2 Magcargo (EX Unseen Forces 41)

x1 Eevee (EX Unseen Forces 55)
x1 Flareon (Majestic Dawn 19)

x1 Growlithe (Secret Wonders 89)
x1 Growlithe (EX FireRed and LeafGreen 64)
x1 Arcanine (Secret Wonders 22)
x1 Arcanine (EX FireRed and Leaf Green 18)

x2 Clefairy (EX FireRed and LeafGreen 59)
x1 Clefairy (Secret Wonders 83)
x1 Clefable (EX Unseen Forces 36)
30 Pokémon

x1 Pokédex HANDY910is (Diamond and Pearl 111)

x3 Potion

x1 Switch

x2 Master Ball

x2 Energy Search

x1 Dual Ball
10 Trainer Cards

x20 Fire Energy
20 Energy Cards

I used to have two Trapinch, a Vibrava, and a Flygon EX instead of the Growlithe/Arcanines, but the Flygon EX might have been fake, so I ditched it to be safe.
My major concerns are:
-I may have too much energy, and
-I may have too many instances of the basic forms of Magcargo and Typhlosion. However, I like to be almost guaranteed a few basic Pokémon in my hand.

So, what are your thoughts?

27th August 2010, 11:59 PM
there's far to many pokemon lines for this deck to work successfully, if you were to drop 2 lines this would work better, and yes a 2-2-2 or a 2-1-2 line is better then a pyramid 3-2-1 line. put more search cards like celios, bebe's, rossy's, etc something that can kick start some of those cards to your hand, if you have quick ball switch out your master ball, rowans, copycat, and tgw are also good cards to add due to the amount of synergy those cards have. don't run 3-1-2 unless you have rare candy, and lastly don't have anymore then 17 energy in any deck, it's a general rule. this may have seemed pushy but this seems like a very scrambled deck.