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11th September 2010, 8:42 PM
3-3-2 luxray AR/LA and luxio LA (which runs like a better luxray gl)
1-1-1 empoleon PT
1-1 manectric AR 22/99
1 dragonite FB

3 life herb
1 pokemon communication
3 IQ (interviewer's question's)
1 judge
2 ebelts
4 bebe's
2 rare candy
2 copycat
1 luxury ball
3 prof oak's visit
1 bench shield
4 plus power
1 sunyshore city gym
1 fisherman
1 warp point
1 flower shop lady
1 department store girl
1 cyrus's initiative
1 quick ball

2 dce
8 electric energy
4 water energy
1 recovery energy

this is what i'm running for battle roads, the strategy is rather different as it use's and considers nothing from the current metagame, the basis of it is it deals technical dmg based off of the type of card for instance SP, lv. X, etc. I plan on running RSL (raikou & suicine legend) in this deck for city's and state's, but thats further down the road.