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26th September 2010, 12:37 PM
blahblahblah, welcome to my sprite gallery. It's fairly small right now, as I've lost all my previous work, but it will gte bigger.




I appreciate any C+C. Also, the fusion wasn't serious, I did it for a laugh out of boredom. See if you can guess which Pokemon it's made up of though!


26th September 2010, 12:45 PM
Generally, I like everything that I see. Some small things I believe you could improve on;

- the third trainer down, I believe that the white clothing's shades are too seperated from each other. This could be fixed by dimming the tone of the lightest white, or dithering in between the two.

- the first revamp of Espeon, the eyes need o be fixed because I think you have forgotten to change them, they are all the same colour.

- To be honeusion, it is very large, ane to start on the fusion, it is very large, and the position of it seems quite unatural, certainly not my favourite of what is shown here.

26th September 2010, 12:56 PM
Thanks for commenting so quickly!

+ The trainer's shading was from the base sprite, and the colours from another sprite (DP scientist) so I'm not sure about that. I guess I could make it better though.

+ Ah yes, I forgot about the eyes xP I will fix that soon.

+ Haha, I wan't really looking for serious crit on this. All I did was used a RNG to choose random Pokemon, and then I had to use it in a fusion. I know it's terrible, but I just put it there to make it look like I have more sprites to show. ;P

Duck Fella
26th September 2010, 8:15 PM
Not bad, not bad at all. Here's a few nitpicks I have though.

3rd trainer down - I agree with m!nt about the shade, and also, I think that there's a bit too much grey shading on it, so adding more white would look a bit better I think.

Revamp - As pointed out, the eyes, so I won't bother saying about that. I don't think that there's quite enough black on the outline of the sprite, especially on the head, so adding more would fix that. Also, On the leg closest to us, the shading is too straight. Maybe curving the shading a bit and having it facing the other direction would look a bit better.

I hope this will help ^_^