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3rd October 2010, 3:39 AM
Welcome to Bastian's Beastly Bazaar. This shop is for newcomers trying to fill their pokedex and veterans trying to get all the rare events alike. I have broken trades into two categories: Upper and Lower. It's just like it sounds. Upper trades will consist of shinies and events. They will require shinies and events in return (doesn't have to be shiny for shiny or event for event though). Lower trades will consist of breedable pokemon. Be aware, many of these may be cloned, but there are abosolutely no hacks.

Rules (You know you love them):
1. Follow all of the rules of SPPF rules. They are a good guideline to benefit the experience.
2. Please post your requests directly on the thread. I will then PM you and we will keep in contact that way.
3. Be patient. I will check the thread everday, but I may be too busy to actually trade. I'm a student and swimmer, a fast swimmer I'd like to add :). I will try to complete request as fast as I can, but don't PM if a day or two goes by.
5. No hacks. I don't offer them, so please don't either.
4. Smile. It just makes life more fun.

The following is what is up for offer currently:

Upper Trades:
WORLD10 Crobat @Life Orb(Timid)
Goon's Scizor @Starf Berry (Adament)*Japanese<Currently on hold>
MYSTRY Mew from Hoenn (Docile)
Deoxys from Hoenn-It has the moveset of the Pokemon Center Event-(Gentle)*Japanese
Celebi from 2003 event (Naughty)*Japanese
PC Tokyo Charmander @Lucky Egg (Hardy)*Japanese
PC Nagoya Chimchar @Lucky Egg (Hardy)*Japanese
TCGWC Pikachu @Light Ball (Hardy)
Ash's Pikachu @Light Ball (Naughty)*Japanese<One is currently on hold but there is another one>
Gamestop Shiny Pichu @Everstone (Jolly)*Japanese
WISHMKR Jirachi (Naive)

International Summer 2010 Jirachis
German @Lietchi Berry (Naughty)
Spanish @Lietchi Berry (Serious)
Italian @Lietchi Berry (Mild)

Shinies (Post on here if you want my info and I'll PM you)-
Nidorino (Impish)<On hold>
Gyrados (Relaxed)-Figure nobody wants it, but why not post it anyway?
Piplup (Modest)<On hold>
Turtwig (Adament)<On hold>
Chikorita (On hold for Elite Trainer Corey)
More to come

Shiny Starters:
Mudkip (Don't know if I should even put this up. I'm pretty attached to the little guy, serious offers only)

Lower Trades:
All Starters
I can get just about any. I know I didn't list much, but just send a request with what you want and I'll tell you whether I can get it or not. I should be able to egg move breed just about anything, so if you want egg moves just let me know.

Again, for upper trades, I will be expecting either a shiny or an event. I can reject any request for any reason (Worry not, I'm no tyrannt.). For lower trades, I accept power items, masterballs, and I am currently seeking a tyrogue, not shiny or special or anything.

~Happy Hunting~
*I also need somebody's help with a banner. Now my page is pretty dull, so I would greatly appreciate it and offer a MYSTRY Mew.

3rd October 2010, 5:47 PM
Hey I'm interested in a Glameow and Rotom. I'll give you a masterball for both.

3rd October 2010, 9:21 PM
I'm adding a new section of trading (FUN!).
It will be on the same level as lower trades, so all fair items or masterballs will be accepted. Also any specific pokemon mentioned. Currently, it's Tyrogue.

Lucky Egg
Light Ball
Reaper Cloth
Choice & Silk Scarves
Expert Belt

I have 41 TMs, so just request one on the thread and I will PM you with whether or not I have it.

~Happy Hunting~

3rd October 2010, 9:53 PM
Hello Bastian. Could you possibly list the characteristics of these two Pokemon:

WORLD10 Crobat @Life Orb(Timid)
Goon's Scizor @Starf Berry (Adament)*Japanese

I'm interested in both, so long as they have a characteristic I'm missing :)

4th October 2010, 1:55 AM
I have thrilling news for everybody at Bastian's Beastly Bazaar.
We now have an IV/EV trainer. He's FOXALIVE.
He'll later give all specific details, but all of the same rules apply. Please post request on threads, but direct them to FOXALIVE. He will make all deals and conduct all trades regarding IV/EV trading. What he says is final.
~Happy Hunting~

4th October 2010, 2:13 AM
Hello. I am interested in your goon scizor and ash's pikachu. what would you like for them?

4th October 2010, 2:32 AM
Hey guys!
I'm the new EV/IV trainer/breeder in this Trade Shop.
My specialty is EV training, nature breeding, and egg move breeding and I can IV breed.
For IV breeding please don't ask for something like 31/31/31/31/31 because I can't do miracles like that and I don't know how to RNG breed.
I can easily do one 31 and two 31's may take awhile.
I can do almost all egg moves but I may have a couple of TM's missing so just check with me first.
I can also make the pokemon any nature except for Docile and Timid.
If the pokemon is from 3rd gen. or earlier I may start it the breeding on my Emerald because it's so much easier on it.
If you don't want me to breed on my Emerald just let me know and I'll do it on my Diamond.
Be aware that school right now is taking a lot of my time so it may take awhile for me to finish the EV training/IV breeding.

6th October 2010, 3:31 AM
Hello shoppers of Bastian's Beastly Bazaar.
I just received a new special pokemon that I felt was worth its own post. It's... (drumroll)
All offers will be heard, but mostly looking for legit shiny jirachi (Clones are cool though).
If interested, make sure to give good offers.
Edit: Trade Pending

6th October 2010, 4:39 AM
hello. i am interested in your
shiny piplup, turtwig, and nidorino, and your latest addition, latios.
And also, im aware that elite trainer corey has been banned, so i guess i can ask for the chikorita as well.

i can offer:
shiny glaceon lvl 100
shiny machamp lvl100
shiny dusknoir lvl 100
shiny rhyperior lvl 61
shiny tentacruel lvl 47
shiny sableye lvl 54
shiny flygon lvl 45
shiny charizard lvl 51
shiny absol lvl 20

also can offer lvl 41 manaphy
and lvl 10 mystry mew.

and i have all the items in the game, so if you need more items for your trade shop, just ask me.

Also... the pokemons which are not lvl 100(which are EV'd) are touched. But thats not a problem, because i can cancel whatever EVs it has by feeding it berries.

if you want any of these for any of the above pokemon, pm me and we'll work something out.
Willing to trade many, multiple of what im offering for the latios though, just letting you know.

9th October 2010, 4:14 AM
;385;Got Jirachi Summer Fever?;385;

Most people, at least those on this website, have gotten their SMR2010 Jirachi this summer. But for those who are Jirachi fans and want something that is rarer, at least to this site, or those who enjoy foreign events, I may be able to interest you. I have a SO2019 Jirachi from Germany, a VER2010 Jirachi from Spain, and a EST2010 Jirachi from Italy. If you didn't get your American one, I also have a SMR2010 Jirachi. All are UT and have Liechi Berry.

*NOTE* Jirachi doesn't translate to a different name, so don't tell me its an American one based off of its name. You can only check based off of the OT, which I gave above. There are also different language translations in the Pokedex.

If you are interested, please post on the thread and I will PM you.
Also, I have my first swim meet tomorrow, so WISH me luck. Ha, cheap Jirachi humor.

~Happy Hunting~

Light Venusaur
11th October 2010, 1:21 AM
My: Banner making skills (plz request it in my shop)
Your: Mystery Mew (can I have the date 4 it)

11th October 2010, 7:38 AM
Hi, I want your NZ Manaphy.
I can offer TRU Regigigas. Can it be a deal?

Elite Trainer Corey
11th October 2010, 11:43 AM
for your shiny latios ill trade you a lvl 100 tru arcues that unlocks event or a pokemon movie 8 event regigigas or a crowned raikou or a crowned scuicine

11th October 2010, 2:38 PM
Shiny Lugia and Shiny Mystery Mew for NZ Manaphy and Gamestop Shiny Pichu? If it is too much for you, is it okay with only one of them...

11th October 2010, 3:50 PM
Goon's Scizor @Starf Berry. I can give you a movie 13 entei

11th October 2010, 3:56 PM
Goon's Scizor @Starf Berry. I can give you a movie 13 entei

12th October 2010, 3:52 AM
Hello shoppers at Bastian's Beastly Bazaar.
You've probably been to shops that have all starters, but have you been to a shop that has all shiny starters? Well, almost all. I have shinies of bulbasuar, squirtle, cyndaquil, totodile, treeko, torchic, piplup, turtwig, and chimchar. I do have shiny mudkip, but I'm pretty attached to the little guy. Don't think I want to trade him off.

13th October 2010, 1:34 PM
shiny totodile for UT shiny golem? ps are your shinies UT?

edit: forgot to mention the Golem was from GTS some people dont like that. I have other things to offer if its no good though :)

13th October 2010, 1:48 PM
Ill give you a Beldum or a Tyrouge for a Glameow

Swiftrz & Milotic
13th October 2010, 2:24 PM
I'd like your World10 Crobat if you're willing to trade for multiple shinies.

Current Lvl 1 and UT shinies:

Bulbasaur (F) Hardy
Charmander (M) Hasty
Charmander (M) Adamant
Gastly (M) Timid
Magikarp (M) Bold
Eevee (M) Lax
Eevee (M) Lax
Eevee (M) Rash
Chikorita (M) Calm
Sneasel (F) Jolly
Houndour (F) Sassy
Houndour (M) Timid
Feebas (F) Timid
Feebas (M) Timid
Feebas (F) Modest
Feebas (M) Bold

Whichever ones you choose would be full-redis if you wanted to add them to your shop.

18th October 2010, 5:31 AM
Thanks to everyone who either contacted me or traded with me. If you didn't, please re-submit your requests. I should still have everything that you ordered.

18th October 2010, 7:28 AM
Hi. You said youre interested in my glaceon.
um, its ev'd and I would like you shinies.. Or events.
what are u willing to offer me?

18th October 2010, 8:07 AM
Hi im interestd in a low level charmander and a celebi let me kno if u can do and what you would like in return

31st January 2011, 11:31 PM
I have a spare mewtwo. Maybe we could trade for the shiny squirtle can infect mewtwo with pokerus 100 legit is the shiny squirtle the same?

1st February 2011, 1:45 AM
I am interested in all of your shiny starters.
I can trade you a shiny deoxys, a regular deoxys, or a gamestop deoxys, and thats only the deoxyses. I have several other events and shinies. Take a look at my shop to see what you might want.

1st February 2011, 2:19 AM
im interested in shiny
i have, FAL2010 mdest mew, shiny timid sinjoh ruins giratina, shiny latios, shiny adamant growlithe, and gamestp Entei, would you be willing to trade for afw of these? (also wondering the natures and genders plz?)

1st February 2011, 2:47 AM
I like your shiny glameow, shiny rotom, and shiny feebas. Here is what I can offer:
Shiny galade lv.100 timid
shiny drowse UT lv.10 mild or naughty
shiny primape lv.32 mild
shiny ditto JP UT lv.22 timid
shiny pidgey UT lv.8 timid
shiny pidgeot lv.36 gentle
shiny nidarina UT lv.23 jolly
shiny nidoking lv.71 adament
shiny poliwhirl UT lv.35 modest
shiny exeggutor lv.14 naughty
shiny snubbull lv.21 lax
shiny psyduck UT lv.28 calm
shiny golbat UT lv.22 adament
shiny grimer lv.27 lv.d up by 1 lv. gentle
shiny luxio JP lv.27 adament
shiny abra UT lv.14 careful
shiny machop
shiny suicune
shiny typhsion
shiny megainum
shiny blastoise
shiny crobat
shiny altaria
shiny linoone
shiny electivire
shiny torterra
shiny jynx
shiny gengar
shiny munchlax
shiny snorlax
shiny roserade
shiny bannetee
shiny milotic
shiny yanmega
shiny pelipper
shiny lugia
shiny ho-oh
shiny deoxys speed form
shiny deoxys normal form
shiny kyogre
shiny shaymin
shiny darkrai
shiny latios
shiny wigglytuff
shiny onix
shiny noctowl
shiny amphoahs
shiny corsola
shiny magnimite
shiny donphan
shiny pinco
shiny fortress
shiny tauros
shiny girafirig
shiny ponyta
shiny rapidash
shiny raticate
shiny kangaskan bold nature UT lv.15
shiny bellsprout
shiny magmar
shiny magmortar
shiny goldeen
shiny seaking
shiny growlithe
shiny flareon
shiny gyarados
shiny krabby
shiny kingler
shiny geodude
shiny graveler
shiny golem
shiny slowbro
shiny tangrowth
shiny dratini
shiny cloyster
shiny tentacool
shiny tentacruel
shiny majikarp
shiny wooper
shiny quagsire
shiny caterpie
shiny medapod
shiny butterfree
shiny dodou
shiny dodrio
shiny chinchou
shiny lanturn
shiny spearow
shiny fearow
shiny machamp
shiny garachomp
shiny cacturne
shiny roselia
shiny salamence
shiny glaceon
shiny luxray
shiny pichu
shiny aerodactyl
shiny lapras
shiny dustox
shiny miltank
shiny floatzel
shiny skarmory
shiny kabuto
shiny shuppet
shiny ursaring
shiny abamasnow
shiny mismagius
shiny cubone
shiny raikou UT event
shiny entei UT event
Darkrai UT 10th movie event-special rend and roar of time lv.50
GameSTP pikachu colored pichu UT lv.30 or lv.31
10ANV Celebi UT lv.70
Toys R Us Dragonite lv.50
Toys R Us Shaymin UT lv.50
Pokemon Ranger Guardian signs oblivia UT shaymin
shiny oaks letter shaymin lv.100
fullmoon island shiny darkrai lv.100
Jirachi event draco metor lv.5 UT
GameSTP UT deoxys lv.50
Pokemon Ranger Guardian signs oblivia heatran with eruption lv.50 UT
Manphy egg from Pokemon Rangers
Pokemon ranch Hayleys Phoine lv.56
Toys R us arceus event lv.100 judgment, roar of time, special rend, shadow force
VGC10 eevee UT lv.50
Poketopia sufing pikachu lv.10 UT
MYSTRY Mew lv.10 UT or lv.100
FAL2010 Mew lv.5 UT or lv.34
XD gale of darkness lugia UT(only a little exp. no lv. up)Pychco boost, feather dance, earthquake, and hydro pump

1st February 2011, 3:18 AM
Hello, I'm very interested in your shiny Bulbasaur. I don't really care much about the nature and IV's, although I'm still curious to know what they are.

I have this to offer:

Shinies (all UT):
Magneton (Serious)
Wingull (Lax)
Ghastly (Calm, Modest)
Quagsire (Adamant)
Shellos (Careful)
Roselia (Serious)
Geodude (Bashful)

Events (all UT):
Pokemon Colosseum Celebi (Rash, Naive)
NZ Jirachi (Calm)
TRU Regigigas (Careful)
Crown Beasts (I SR'd for decent/above average IV's)
Ash's Pikachu (I am still SR'ing for above average IV's, and have more than one).

2nd February 2011, 10:12 PM
Would u trade charmander,squirtle,chikarita,mudkip and torchic(all can be nonshiny) for 5 tyroges

3rd February 2011, 3:40 AM
what do you want for your shiney cyndaquil ? please reply oh and heres my info
trainer name dawn
trainer id 01981
pokemon game heartgold
friend code 3567 7735 4294

5th February 2011, 8:40 PM
if anybody wants a japanese event darkrai its nature is quirky and a japanese event arceus just pm me
my friend code is 4383 0887 1269 and its name is chris