View Full Version : Teddiursa's Splicing Contest

5th October 2010, 4:03 PM
Welcome To My Splicing Contest.
A Pokemon will be the main pokemon you need to splice.
I will judge you on the finishing Result out of 20
First 10 will be Quality. How good the Splice mixes together, and If it's not a Recolour.
Second 10 will be Splicing Pokemon. The Pokemon you Spliced Together,A Cleffa Spliced With somthing like a Wailord wouldn't get you a high score.
You can use Black/White Pokemon and pokemon sprites from the 1st Gen But Revamped if you want to

Pokemon Being Spliced is:
Start of with a simple one,;munchlax;Muchlax

5th October 2010, 5:12 PM
Here is an Example
This would be rated 5/10 Maybe and 7/10 Because the ears are Wrong and Muchlax Riolu Is a good match up
Also, I'll give the scores at the end of each round

5th October 2010, 7:32 PM
Sorry man, you have to get a contest approved by a moderator before you can start one.

And not to demean from what you're doing, but they're about 2-3 contests running on this site that do exactly what your trying to do, and the spriting section isn't exactly buzzing with people right now. So just be aware it may not get too much attention.