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6th October 2010, 7:19 PM
Ninja'd to the first team of the new gen. Darn.
-Wild Bolt
-Hammer Arm
-Cheer Up/Boiling Water

Mixboar. Flamethrower so I don't kill myself every time. Wild Bolt until the tutors come in Grey. Hammer Arm as it's best fighting STAB. Cheer Up boosts both attack stats or Boiling Water for Ground types.

Yanakki@Choice Band/Life Orb
-Seed Bomb/Energy Ball
-Brick Break
-Crunch/Shadow Claw
-Rock Slide

Nature and item depend on the first move. Both are of equal power from equal attack stats but enegy ball allows wallbreaking. Fighting Ghost combo remains unresisted. Rock Slide for the flying types that wall me.

Abagoora@Life Orb
Jolly, Naughty/Solid Rock lulz!
-Stone Edge
-Shell Break/Rock Polish/Ice Beam

This super tuff rocky reptile has a decent movepool backing up those stats. Surf for utility and wallbreaking. QuakeEdge yawn...
Shell Break could turn out to be awesome or awful. As long as the opponent does nothing uses physical moves it can safely sweep. Rock Polish is safer but lacks the power boost. Ice Beam is coverage.

Denchura@Wise Glasses
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball
-Volt Change/Thunder Wave

Supreaccurate Thunders FTW! Bug Buzz a secondary STAB and energy ball for rock/grounds. The last slot is filler.

Ononokusu@Muscle Band
Jolly/Mold Breaker
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide/False Swipe
-Dragon Dance

D-Claw as STAB. Earthquake hits all steels including bronzong except Skarmory so I can afford to use False Swipe. Dragon Dance just makes things unfair, only Scarfe revenge killers and really fast pokemon can KO me.

Goroogu@Muscle Band
Adamant/Iron Fist
-Hammer Arm
-Shadow Punch

Lastly we have Goroogu. Boasting three immunities and nice defences regardless and the ability to use fly got him on my team.
Fighting Ghost combo. Iron Fist boosts his attack to reasonable levels. EQ is Capt.Obvious and Fly for utility.

12th June 2011, 5:10 PM
why False Swipe again?

12th June 2011, 5:48 PM
why False Swipe again?

Utility perhaps but I just use seperate Pokemon for that utility so I don't waste a potential moveslot. Only Skarmory resists Dragon + Ground after factoring in Mold Breaker and Haxorus has no chance of getting past him without +2 Life Orbed Outrage anyway. The third slot is mostly filler in Haxorus' case since it doesn't really have many better options for it.

13th June 2011, 3:48 AM
Ancient thread.