View Full Version : My First Semi-Edit Fakemon!

9th October 2010, 12:31 AM
I hope you like it! It's the first I've done this kind of stuff xD
Critism widely appreciated.

P.S. The Ones I SCRATCHED 100% Are The 2 Luvdisc's evos! ;munchlax;


1st Pokemon: The Ice Queen Pokemon
85% scratched

2nd Pokemon: The Mini-Mountain Pokemon
like 10% scratched xD

3rd Pokemon: The tiny heart Pokemon(Flyleaf inspired)
100% scratched

4th Pokemon: The big hearted Pokemon
100% scratched

5th Pokemon: The Lighting Devil Pokemon
60% scratched

6th Pokemon: The Narcissist Pokemon
50% scratched


9th October 2010, 1:51 AM
Any help WILL help xD

9th October 2010, 5:55 AM
Any help WILL help xD

Calm down, it was only an hour you waited until you posted what I quoted.
Especially don't expect much attention right now as the fan-sprites section on serebii is practically dead.

The sprites are really well done, the problem lies within the design. For instance I have no idea whats going on it the first pokemon, there are way too many stripes to make sense of whats happening in the sprite. I find this for all of the last three pokemon as well. I think if you can find what you did with the second sprite, I would say do that, as thats the one I can understand the most.

Also, not sure if you did the trainer sprite in the middle since you didn't mention it, but thats what stood out to me out of all the sprites.