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Zero Is Clearly Not Epic
9th October 2010, 7:44 PM
Hey, so this is my current Pokemon White team.
Suggestions for improvements are appreciated.

Ononokusu @ Expert Belt
Mold Breaker
Adamant Nature
-Poison Jab
-Giga Impact Rock Slide

Shibirudon @ Wise Glasses
Quiet Nature
-Thunder Grass Knot
-Flash Cannon U-Turn

Rankurusu @ Leftovers
Magic Guard
Modest Nature
-Recover Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast
-Dream Eater Thunder Wave

Kirikizan @ Muscle Band
Inner Focus
Adamant Nature
-Stone Edge
-Focus Blast
-Night Slash
-Iron Head

Shandera @ Power Herb Wise Glasses
Flash Fire
Modest Nature
-Fire Blast Calm Mind
-SolarBeam Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball

Tsunbeaa @ Chesto Berry
Snow Cloak
Brave Nature
-Icicle Drop
-Stone Edge

10th October 2010, 4:00 AM
EVs and natures...?

10th October 2010, 4:15 AM
EVs and natures...?

EVs are not really that important ingame I think.

Now, never use moves that require recharging, so why not using Rock Slide > Giga Impact & Dragon Dance>Poison Jab.

Shibirodon would like to have Grass Knot over Thunder, and maybe U-Turn > Flash Cannon? Not really sure with that one.

For Shandera, Calm Mind/Will-o-wisp > Fire Blast & Energy Ball > Solarbeam.

Finally Rankurusu, I suggest this moveset:
- T-Wave
- Psuchic/Psycho Shock
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast

Sorry but I can't help with Kirikizan nor Tsunbeaa. Hope it helps! :)

Zero Is Clearly Not Epic
10th October 2010, 12:11 PM
The natures were there, as for the EVs - they're not vital.

I tend never to use recharging moves, it was going to be for like a final move to finish of a Pokemon, but I guess you right with Rock Slide :) Although I'm going to keep Poison Jab, I always fear using stat. increasing moves when there are now moves that force the opponent to switch.

Yeah I think those moves suit Shibirudon better. I tend not to use Grass Knot but I guess it makes sense here :)

Yeah Energy Ball is better since Shandera would only be able to use SolarBeam once, I'll sort out a new item for it too. And I'll change Fire Blast for Calm Mind.

I'm tempted to keep Recover for Rankurusu since they have a high HP stat :/ But I guess I can try out the new move set for a while :)

Thanks for all your help :D

12th October 2010, 3:53 PM
@Alexa: Fix your Sig.

You want Dragon Claw>Outrage on Ono, seeing as it will be able to destroy without Outrage's power boost, and confusion is never nice. Poison Jab is pretty much useless, as it offers very little coverage, and won't find any usage when used with a STABed Dragon move. Swords Dance/Dragon Dance if you're willing to use setup.

You may aswell you Volt Change>U-Turn as it runs of SpA and gets STAB

Kirikizan shouldn't be using Special-based Attacks. It can use either Sucker Punch for the priority or Brick Break for the general coverage.

Tsunbeaa wants Leftovers with Claw Sharpen and Brick Break>Thrash and Rest. Chesto+Rest is difficult to maintain ingame, and with Brick Break, you're hitting two of your weaknesses for SE damage. Claw Sharpen guarantees hits with Icicle Drop and Stone Edge. It also wants Jolly>Brave.

Hope this helps

Zero Is Clearly Not Epic
14th October 2010, 2:50 PM
Thankyou ^^