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11th October 2010, 8:00 PM
zap cannon

probably a rarely used pokemon, but a pure electric type with levitate make it have no weakness. ( unless you do something about it) this thing however is very slow, so that is where coil and zap cannon comes in. coil boost accuracy along with attack and def, making zap cannon have better accuracy. remember zap cannon also have 100% paralyze, so it will move first the next turn with buffed up attack from coil.

timid/levitate/lum berry( or white herb if it have draco meteor)
cheer up
flash cannon/darkpulse/focus blast/draco meteor

Sazandora is poor dragon of this generation that despite all the good things going for it, it got outshined by kusu. It can go pretty fast with timid and hopefully knock out kusu before it outrage. darkpulse is a rare ability for this thing because it can only learn it as egg move. i can only think of breeding it with a mew with transform and darkpulse.

timid/flame body/choice spec
flame dance/heat wave

it look like something based off Tytania from megaman zero 4, it have good sp attack and speed to make it a good sweeper. the only downside to this thing is it's piratically none existing def, thus timing must be perfect when you drop this thing.

pendoraa ( might use 2 of them as baton pass support)
jolly or any of the neutral/poison point/leftover
baton pass
sub/iron defense/agility
substitute/iron defense/agility
hard roller

it is fast, decently bulky and have baton pass. with some EV train, this thing can set up just about anything for speed and def.

jolly/faint hearted/choice band
earthquake/u turn/stone edge
dragon claw

aero on steroids. it can cream a kusu one on one and u turn from this thing hits 1/4 even on steel, good for leads or mid game mop up. aside from it's monster attack stats, it also have fairly good sp attack.

last place in party is going for a garchomp, battle tower style, that should scare off all those kusu ( that are in every wifi party i have seen). but can't find any of the land sharks on wifi yet, T_T, anyone have black or white and have gible for trade?

12th October 2010, 3:01 AM
lol Mew can't breed, to get Dark Pulse on Sazandora you need to breed it with an Arbok who knows the move (why do you even need to mention Transform anyway?)

Definitely use Dark Pulse for Sazandora's last move. And IMO use Focus Blast over Cheer Up on Sazandora, because Fight move gets nice coverage when paired along with Dark move.

Megahorn or X-Scissor over Hard Roller on Pendoraa.