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Short Wing
13th October 2010, 9:38 AM
Here's my future White team. I don't know how easy or realistic it's going to be to train them, but it never hurts to aim high. I know this team looks a little more, competitive, but that's because I battle my friends with their In-game teams along the way. Also please don't suggest fly/cut/strength/surf - I plan on getting an HM-Slave.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance!

Daikenki ♂ (Tachi)
@ Expert Belt / Life Orb
-> Naive [+Spe -SpD] / Naughty [+Atk -SpD]
+ Torrent
EVs - 162 ATK / 104 SPA / 244 SPE
↣ Swords Dance
↣ Aqua Jet
↣ Megahorn
↣ Revenge / Ice Beam / Hydro Pump / Grass Knot

SD + AJ has always been one of my favorite combos. Water + Megahorn grants great coverage. I'm kinda torn on the last slot, I'm leaning more towards Ice Beam or Hydro Pump, but I'm also considering Revenge and making wotter all physical with adamant.

Jaroda ♂ (SolidSnake)
@ Leftovers
-> Adamant [+Atk -SpA] or Jolly [+Spe -SpA]
+ Overgrow [Physical set]
EVs - 152 HP / 110 Atk or SpA / 248 SPE SPE
↣ Leaf Blade
↣ Coil / Substitute
↣ Glare / Leech Seed
↣ Dragon Tail

I'm torn between a physical or a special Smuglord. Coil + Dragon Tail is good for shuffling pokes while firing off glares. But a +2 SpA from Perversity & Leaf Storm sounds awesome, the special set would have Perversity & Leaf Storm, Sub + Leech Seed.
Emboar ♂ (Hamlet)
@ Life Orb / Choice Band
-> Naughty [+Atk -SpD] / Adamant [+Atk -SpA]
+ Reckless
EVs - 6 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPE
↣ FlareBlitz / Heat Stamp / Overheat
↣ Head Smash / Wild Bolt
↣ Superpower
↣ Nitro Charge / Cheer Up / Boiling Water / Wild Bolt

Nitro Charge doesn't do much damage, but it's guaranteed a speed boost which helps with Emboar's poor speed. Reckless, boosts the power of his recoil moves Should I just ditch the stat up moves and focus mainly on Reckless + Recoil moves?

Kenhorou ♂ (Sven)
@ Power Herb
-> Jolly [+Spe -SpA] / Adamant [+Atk -SpA]
+ Super Luck / Rivalry
EVs - 6 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPE
↣ Sky Attack
↣ Return
↣ U-turn
↣ Hypnosis / Wish

For Kenhorou I wanted to try something to differentiate it from the other normal fliers and I'm feeling like I want to try something gimmicky. The 140 BP Sky Attack is a huge jump from 60 BP Aerical Ace and with Power Herb I can get it right off the bat, just once. After the SA, Return becomes the main attacking move. Hypnosis is always helpful, but Kenhorou can also wish-turn for the last two slots. I'll go with Aerial Ace if someone convinces me that Sky Attack is not worth it.

I'm Planning on replacing Kenhorou with Wargle, but I won't get him till practically the E4

Wargle ♂ (Short Wing)
@ Choice Scarf
-> Adamant [+Atk -SpA]
+ Encourage [only for Shadow Claw Boost] / Competitive Spirit [only If I go with Return]
EVs - 6 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPE
↣ Brave Bird
↣ Superpower
↣ Return / Shadow Claw
↣ U-turn

Wargle's my new favorite flier. Choice Scarf makes up for his speed and lets him try to revenge kill. Brave Bird and Super Power are his main attacking moves. Now the last moves are what I'm questioning - with Encourage Shadow claw & Rock Slide get X1.3 boost. I'm leaning towards Shadow Claw + Encourage as his ability. But would it be better to have Competitive Spirit as the ability and have Return, since only Shadow claw would get the encourage boost?

Doryuuzu ♂ (Trill)
@ Choice Scarf / Life Orb / Balloon [grants ground immunity]
-> Jolly [+Spe -SpA] / Adamant [+Atk -SpA]
+ Mold Breaker
EVs - 6 HP /252 ATK / 252 SPE
↣ Drill Liner
↣ Rock Slide
↣ Rapid Spin
↣ X-Scissor / Swords Dance

Doryuuzu's a great physical sweeper. Rapid spin is always nice to have even though this is ingame, I still like to have it around. Mold breaker is his ability, because I don't think I don't plan on sandstorm and I love that feeling when you can attack those levitaters weak to ground. I chose Drill Liner over EQ because I like the high-chance for a critical hit.

Zoroark ♂ (FoxMcCloud)
@ Life Orb / Choice Scarf
-> Hasty [+Spe -Def]
+ Illusion
EVs - 24 ATK / 252 SPA / 232 SPE
↣ U-turn
↣ Focus Blast / Night Burst / Trickery
↣ Sucker Punch
↣ Flamethrower

I really want to try Illusion mind games ^_^ I'm planning on Sucker Punch, because Priority is always nice to have, for the last slot I'm thinking either Focus Blast for coverage or I'm split between the physical or special dark-type move.

One Last Look
(Post E4)

13th October 2010, 1:35 PM
Revenge on Samurotter. He's slow enough to make decent use out of it.

I would go with Leaf Blade / Glare / Leech Seed / Toxic or Dragon Tail on Smuglord.

Emboar could use Flare Blitz / Head Smash / Wild Bolt / Double-Edge (if it gets it; otherwise, use Nitro Charge). Remember to bring plety of healing items though. :p

Shadow Claw and U-Turn in Wargle's last two slots.

The Mole can use both SD and X-Scissor, imo. Drop Rapid Spin, clearly.

Dark Pulse > Night Burst unless there's something great about it. U-Turn in that first slot, and just use a Modest or Timid nature.

Short Wing
13th October 2010, 4:46 PM
Thanks Ungulateman
So you're saying to make Samurotter all Physical with Adamant?

Thanks on Smuglord, I'm going with the physical set.

Emboar I'm still confused on what I should do, a more mixed set or just focusing on
Flare Blitz, Head Smash, Hammer arm?

U-Turn changed on Wargle & Zoroark.

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